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  1. Matt

    Camacho 1962 Torpedo

    CamachoOrigin : Honduras
    Format : Torpedo
    Size : 6.0? x 54
    Wrapper : 3rd priming Habano-seed Criollo
    Filler : Honduran Cuban-seed long-leaf tobaccos
    Binder : Honduras
    Price : $7 each

    Camacho has made a name for itself among lovers of strong, robust smokes. Their name is synonymous with powerhouse smokes but the truth is they have put out a few select cigars that are a bit more accessible to novice cigar smokers and those who enjoy a more refined smoke with less punch. The Camacho Select comes to mind as a prime example of a medium bodied Camacho. I’m giving a bit away at the start here to say the 1962 is another one of Camachos medium bodied offerings. The Camacho 1962 was made to commemorate the year that Julio Eiroa began his journey in cigar making after fleeing Castro’s post revolutionary Cuba.

    Wrapped in an oily Criollo leaf, the 1962 is filled with “extensively aged” Honduran tobacco. I always wonder why terms like “extensively aged” or “extra aging” are used instead of just telling us how long the tobacco is actually aged for. My cynical nature believes that this so they can use whatever they need to in the cigars to keep turning them out once the “aged” tobacco runs out. But that is just me being jaded and suspicious. The band is very ornated and elegant looking and it has a second band on the foot completing a handsome presentation.

    You may be able to see in the picture that the wrapper was cracked in a couple of places on this specimen. I don’t know why or how it happened but I can say upfront that it was minor and did not affect the smoke. It still burned just fine and held together as if it wasn’t cracked at all. This torpedo had a spongy feel to it which I have experienced in other Camacho torpedos, in particular the Camacho Select Torpedos. The pre-light draw was very light like sucking air through a straw. It started off very mild. The flavors were weak and muddled, basic tobacco with a hint of spice. It didn’t take long for this cigar to start burning really hot. I had to make a very concious effort to sip on it to keep it from getting bitter. About midway through the flavors began to improve. It started to become a nice medium bodied smoke dominated by leather and pepper with a nice leathery finish. At this point the flavors stayed consistent and near the end the pepper starts to take over and it begins to develop some of that Camacho oomph.

    Overall this was a decent medium bodied smoke once I got past the lack luster start. That said, I still wasn’t that impressed with the smoke. It was a bit one-dimensional. The promise it started to show at the end has me thinking this just may have been a bum stick so I may have to revisit this sometime soon. I have another Torpedo in my humidor so this is a prime canidate for a Redux review. For now though I can only give it a “C”.

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    • John Werner

      I just smoked my last one and it’s been in my humidor even prior to my previous review thus marking over 6-years aging in my humidor plus whatever aging it may have had before Camacho initially shipped it. The bottom line is that aging didn’t really change the cigar much if any. It was naturally still spongy (something age can’t improve) thus burning fast. The flavor, while good, wasn’t any more complex. I won’t be seeking these out in the future unless I find the cigar has changed it’s blend in the years since I bought this box. I guess the fact that I still had several left as 2014 rolled around tells you something since I do vary my smokes, but tend to rip through any single box within a year if I’m really enamored of it. I’m still looking for a killer Camcho stick. Right now my favorite happens to be the one they make for the C.I. Legends series. It’s a quite decent Camacho.

    • John Werner

      This cigar presents itself, with dual wrappers and the title bearing a significant year in Camacho history, as some kind of signature stick. Well, it ain’t bad, but it is fairly bland in spite of being smooth. It tends to burn fast, thus providing copious smoke, yet for this reason it remains pretty lackluster.

      All in all, a decent stick yet not particularly distinguished ad it it is all dry leather and wood with little variation.

    • Lisa

      I had a few of the coronas that seem pretty lackluster as well. I think your review is pretty accurate about this brand.

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Cigar Region Honduras
Filler Honduras Cuban-seed long-leaf tobaccos
Wrapper 3rd priming Habano-seed Criollo
Binder Honduras
Length 6
Ring Gauge 54
Vitola Torpedo
Construction Hand Made
Price Paid $7.50