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  1. Michael

    Cain Habano Belicoso

    Origin : Esteli, NicaraguaCain Cigars
    Format : Belicoso/Torpedo
    Size : 5 x 50
    Composition : Esteli Ligero, Condega Ligero, Jalapa Ligero with “other tobaccos”
    Price : Unknown

    At this year’s IPCPR show in New Orleans, cigars smokers will be treated to another wave of exciting and new cigar releases. Some may be dog-rockets and others are sure to be gems. One of these highly anticipated and sure successes will be Cain by Oliva Cigar Co. Cain is the creation of Sam Leccia creator of Nub cigars. It was designed to be a “Straight Ligero” cigar but contains “other tobaccos for a true burn. The[se] other tobaccos make no significant contribution to flavor.” From what we all know of ligero it comes from the top of the tobacco plant and yields the thickest and smallest leaves of the plant, yet also the most flavorful. Because of these traits, special care must be taken from harvest to blending to bring balance in use of these tobaccos. And especially so in creating a straight ligero cigar. Well after having a chance to sample a pre-release Cain thanks to Sam, I would have to say he has another successful creation on his hands.

    Appearance : [rating:4.5/5]
    The Cain Habano sports a beautiful dark brown habano wrapper. It had a nice sheen from the oils and was fairly smooth with minimal tooth and veining. The band is simple and yet distinct. Placed at the foot it has a black background with dual gold bands at the top & bottom and ‘Cain Straight Ligero’ text.

    Cain Habano Belicoso

    Construction : [rating:4/5]
    The cigar was well constructed from head to foot. No hard or soft spots and a very even wrapper color. The cap was well placed and came off effortlessly with my trusty cutter. The cigar took the flame from my lighter very well and lit without any issues. The burn stayed fairly straight except during the final third. This surprised me since ligero is the slowest tobacco to burn and I wouldn’t have been surprised by more burn issues. The ash was white and some what flakey but again I think this is due to all the ligero. The draw was a bit loose in the beginning but did come around to a more medium draw as I progressed through it.

    Flavor : [rating:4/5]
    Cain was a bit of a flavor enigma for me. I was so taken aback by the power and intensity of the smoke, yet surprised at how very smooth and enjoyable the taste was. Mostly there is a rich tobacco flavor with smoky wood. As the cigar progressed it had an intense burst of spice which was on the front of the tongue. The retrohale was anything but smooth. Like the resting smoke, the retrohale was intense and almost brought me to tears. The body seemed mostly medium to medium-full at the end.

    Value : ? (probably [rating:4.5/5])
    Not yet knowing the MSRP I can’t speak to their value, but in all honesty if the price point follows other Oliva Cigar Co. cigars, Cain will be a tremendous value. It will certainly pack the punch if that’s what you’re seeking.

    Overall Rating : [rating:4.5/5]
    I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar. I started the day with it, so when I was done I could feel it in my gut. Next time it will follow a meal. Cain is a definite powerhouse and probably shouldn’t be tried by anyone with a weak stomach. It grabs you and takes charge. It is a unique smoking experience and I will be anxiously waiting for the full release so I can grab a box.

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    • Tee

      8-sept-11. Was given one of these from a master smoker who stored them properly for two years. Unfortunately, my cigar was plagued with a bad split in the middle third. I managed to burn through it and was left with a great finish. Creamy and smooth. I can’t wait to try another.

    • Jingos

      Leaving these bad-boys in the humi will pay rewards over and over, just don’t smoke ’em fast!

    • Felix Cappuccio

      4-11-2010-smoked cain straight ligero wrapper smooth and firm ignition-started off light devloped into a nice smooth draw-ash gray white-started off strong developed into creamy smoke with a hint of sweetness cigar almost smoked it self burned even all the way down-smoke was blue white and thick tickeled nose and back of throat taste excellant had two inch and a half ashes before falling off after taste long over all a great cigar will by some more of these excellant stogies-lasted about one hour twenty min-FC.

    • Rob

      I love these cigars. I’ve already purchased two boxes; a figurado and double toro. I don’t find them overpowering at all, and love the flavor. Only problem is they both arrived a bit dry. Had to leave them in my humidor for two months before smoking; otherwise fantastic!

    • Todd Wilson

      Wow, that wrapper looks good enough to eat. I can’t wait to try these.

    • DJ

      Wonder if I could handle the whole thing… Looks very nice – plus, of course, they’re giving away that motorcycle…

    • euritt

      Would love to try this cigar

    • tobacmon

      Have yet to try the Cain. Have read many post that say they are not to bad–will have to see for myself–we’ll see!

    • Chris

      Thanks for the review! I hope I can get my hands on a few of these soon!

    • Rojo Camacho

      nice review
      also noticed the coffee mug, must be a True Blood fan (good show).

    • Keith1911

      This is one of the cigars I’m most interested in trying from this year’s IPCPR!

    • Michael

      Mike – KnightRid, I think I felt this was more Medium to Medium-Full was the way it sneeks up on you. The power wasn’t initially from the body, it was more the flavor. But the body really picked up for me at the end and through the finish. IMHO.

    • Mike – KnightRid

      Surprised to see the “Medium to medium-full” statement – most everyone else thinks talks like it is an all out full bodied beast.

      I might have to try one just to see for myself.

    • Labman (Charlie)

      Very nice review! I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys!

      BTW, you smoked this straight ligero cigar first thing in the morning? You’re a braver man than I…that’s for sure! 😀

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Wrapper Nicaragua
Binder Nicaragua
Length 5
Ring Gauge 50
Vitola Belicoso
Construction Hand Made