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  1. M. Germany

    Cain Daytona

    Origin : NicaraguaCain Cigars
    Format : Double Toro
    Size : 6 x 60
    Wrapper : Nicaraguan Habano
    Filler : Nicaraguan Jalapa Valley Ligero
    Binder : Nicaraguan
    Price : $5-6

    Cain. The brainchild of Oliva and Studio Tobac. The same geniuses that decided to take a premium hand rolled perfecto, cut it in half, and call it a Nub. All while continuing to charge the same full cigar price. I find myself asking, “what in the world are they trying to accomplish here?” I mean, what if Johnny Walker and Jack Daniels decided to merge and try and create some type of hybrid? One of two things is possible here; sheer greatness, or supreme failure. So, let’s dive right into this.

    Cain Daytona is actually a very attractive, moderately priced cigar. I typically find myself pondering over this cigar at my local tobacconist’s shop, trying to decide if it can really be all that good for a modest (and almost downright cheap) price of under 6 dollars. With its Rocky Patel Edge rip-off band at the foot, I couldn’t help but be skeptical. Finally, I said “screw it”.

    Cain Daytona

    As I pulled the Daytona out of its cellophane and placed it in my humidor, I noticed how few prominent veins there were. I found this to be quite shocking for a smoke in this price range. The wrapper is ever so slightly oily, and bears a slight tint of an orange hue. Later I found that the tint was simply an optical illusion brought on by the orange band. The bouquet radiating from this cigar was actually quite strong, so I decided to let it calm down in the humidor for a couple days. After about 5 days, it calmed down enough to strike my fancy. Once I cut the cap, I took a pre-lit draw and was surprised at how mellow and almondy it was. My first thought, was that this cigar wouldn’t live up to its medium to full-bodied hype. The Cain Daytona proved me wrong.

    A strike of the match ignited what I would consider a conundrum of flavors. I wasn’t yet sure if this was a good or bad thing. I will say this. It sat me down, and shut me up. Immediately, it was spicy to the tune of a Cajun seasoned roasted corn husk that you would get at the fair. As crazy as that sounds, I loved it. Strangely enough, the nuttiness was still there. This time, however, more in the realm of pecan. The presence of these flavors remained through the entire first third of the smoke. Unfortunately, the first third burned faster than a dime sack at a frat party. The ash was loose, and crumbled easily.

    Although the first third burned quickly, the second and third burned slightly slower and developed into an even more complex smoke. I mean, what the heck is going on here? I had to keep reminding myself that this was a cheap cigar. The smoke maintained some of its spicy characteristics and meandered into a slight maltiness. I even noticed slight hints of citrus during the last few puffs. Needless to say, I smoked this cigar until my fingertips felt like they wanted to melt. I simply couldn’t get enough, so I popped the nub in my mouth an chewed on it until it was a soggy mess.

    In conclusion, the Cain Daytona is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It starts strong and complex and finishes strong and complex. I wouldn’t say it’s consistent in flavor, but it’s certainly consistent in body and complexity. The only disappointment that I experienced was that it smoked entirely too fast. Finally, there is a moderately priced smoke that can deliver what even the most seasoned aficionados deem acceptable. However, this is certainly not a smoke for beginners.

    Rating: 8/10

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    • GaronM

      I had one of these a while ago and I loved it! I had a smaller size but I noticed golden brown toast and caramel which I liked a lot. To me this is on the lower end of medium bodied, but I had a Cain F 660 last night and found it enjoyable and in the mid-upper range of my tolerances. Great review! Thanks!

    • Towler™

      With all going on about it I went and picked one up, its a full flavor smoke but I found it a lot less powerfull in nic dept then I was expecting. I do highly recommended it, it does have alot going for it with some very nice and highly pleasant flavors that change throughout the stick.

    • eyecoin

      I was given that cigar by a friend. They told me it was 87% Ligero, but I didnt notice anything. Either mine was light or I am ruined by smoking too many strong cigars… haha

      • Otilio

        Me too. Thanks thought I was the only one.

    • Rick

      Smoked two Daytonas at a Studio Tobac event. Very nice cigar. Didn’t get a big nic kick from them. I would say they are medium strength as far as nicotine goes.

    • FergyMcFerguson (via r/cigars)

      The Daytona is definitely one of my favorite cigars. I enjoyed your review of it! Thanks!

    • irratebass

      You hit the nail on the head, I was recently gifted this bad boy and I tried it the other night.

      All was good until the very end I became nauseous, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this stick. It has moved up to my top 3 cigars right behind RyJ & Kristoff.

      Thanks for the excellent review.

    • M. Germany

      Thanks for the feedback guys. Funny story, Danskinny is actually a good friend of mine, and I witnessed this first hand. I have the Cain Straight Ligero Maduro in my humi right now. Maybe I will hit you guys with that one soon. Oh, and @Towler, yea…..I probably should have stopped there lol.

    • TriMarkC

      DanSkinny – gotta take em slow!
      Towler – yes that was funny!

      I actually love the Cain Daytona! I’ve been afraid to try the regular Cain line due to their reputed super-strong nicotine kick. But when I attended a local Cain/NUb event a few months ago, Brian recommended that I give the new Daytona a try since they had amped the strength down specifically for cigar smokers like me. And it was great! Now, I still took it slow, made sure I had a can of Coke to sip on while I was smoking it, and talking through the flavor profiles with an experienced cigar enthusiast, all of which helped me.

      Great review!

    • FlyHigh

      Excellent review here, thanks for sharing. I’ll make sure to have a hearty meal before taking on this one.

    • Towler™

      Shot in the dark here… but was i the only one happy to see the flavor profile description end at the,”popped the nub in my mouth”, point??? LoL

    • danskinny

      Yes, you nailed it. I’m a beginner and I just smoked one of these the other night. This cigar kicked my ass and make me puke. Wish I wouldve read this first. Woe is me.

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua Jalapa Valley Ligero
Wrapper Nicaragua Habano
Binder Nicaragua
Length 6
Ring Gauge 60
Vitola Double Toro
Construction Hand Made
Price Paid $5-6