Montecristo C 2003 Limited Edition

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  1. Yiorgos

    Montecristo C 2003 Limited Edition

    Origin : CubaMontecristo
    Format : Corona Gorda
    Size : 46 x 143 (5.6″)
    Release : 2003
    Price : $20+ each

    The Montecristo C is a cigar that you will not come across very often. A Corona Gorda, measuring 5.6? by 46 Ring gauge, the C was released in 2003 as a part of the year’s Limited Edition release and had failed to impress, not justifying the increased anticipation that the Edicion Limitada extra band brought to it. However, after a couple of years of absence, the C’s can be seen again in a few online vendors and are said to be at their peak.

    With six years on its back, it’s fair to say that the Montecristo C has aged gracefully. The wrapper is deep brown and veiny, with a few wrinkles. The cigar is very tightly packed and displays a few wrinkles. It is well packed but still spongy, without any knots or soft spots.

    After lighting the cigar and early into the smoking, you get smacked by an explosion of flavors! Cocoa and freshly roasted coffee take the stage, proudly accompanied by nut and wood flavors. The draw is simply perfect and the cigar delivers thick creamy smoke. The burn is slightly uneven on the first third but quickly evens out. With very good depth, balance and complexity, the C is back with a shout!

    On the second third, the cigar gets even more complex. Wood, coffee and roasted almonds are the predominant flavors, with tones of earth. The cigar becomes full bodied and gives an extra long finish on the palate. The burn and draw are perfect, with the cigar not going out at any stage. The ash is thick, grey in colour, and falls off before it reaches an inch in length.

    Montecristo C 2003 LE

    However, on the final third, the smoking pleasure starts declining. The cigar suddenly gets so hot and spicy, that you can no more identify any flavor. An early finish into this one, I had to put it to rest, just before the burn reaches the label.

    Overall, the Montecristo C left me with mixed feelings. Amazing at the beginning, took the downturn after smoking into the second half, to eventually become unbearable. It seems that it has reached its top and has now started declining. However, €20 you will expect to pay in an online vendor for a single stick, are well worth it for the stunning performance of the first half. Give it a try, it probably won’t be available for too much longer.

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuba
Binder Cuba
Length 5 5/8
Ring Gauge 46
Vitola Corona Gorda
Construction Hand Made