Bravo Colombian Gold Torpedo

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  1. Matt

    Bravo Colombian Gold Torpedo

    Origin : ColombiaBravo Cigars
    Format : Torpedo
    Size : 6.5? x 52
    Wrapper : Colombian
    Filler : Colombian
    Binder : Colombian
    Price : N/A

    The new Bravo Cigar Company has just recently introduced the first Colombian Puro. That’s right, a cigar made with 100% Colombian tobacco, filler, binder and wrapper. The cigar is blended by Antonio de Jesus in Columbia. I was intrigued when I heard about this cigar. Colombia is of course well known for coffee but doesn’t have the tobacco heritage of places like Nicaragua and Honduras or the DR. That is probably why Bravo Cigars relies heavily on expertise from the Dominican Republic to make these cigars, employing many skilled workers from the DR. These workers bring expertise in farming, curing, and rolling to ensure a quality, well made product. The Colombian Gold Series is billed as “mild to medium bodied and boasts tender tobacco notes of earth, cedar and cocoa bean.” It comes in boxes of 24 and is available in five sizes. A Perfecto, Robusto, Toro, Torpedo and a Churchill.

    The torpedo sports a beefy 52 ring gauge and a generous 6.5 inches in length. It is wrapped in a silky, oily leaf the color of café au lait with tiny veins running throughout its length. Inspecting the foot and the clipped head reveals expertly bunched tobacco with no signs of stems or rib veins. The pre light draw is excellent and delivers a mild toasted tobacco flavor. The aroma of this Colombian puro really stands out. It has a rich earthy tobacco bouquet that is kind of intoxicating and it boosted my hopes for this smoke. The foot lit nicely and the initial draw produced a lot of thick white smoke with a slightly bitter bite on the tongue. The bitterness faded away almost immediately and I noted mild flavors of toasted tobacco and a faint earthiness. The flavors tasted a little dry initially. The aroma of this cigar as you smoke it is hard to describe. The word that comes to mind is decadent. The aroma is one of the Colombian Gold’s most outstanding features. As I worked my way into the smoke the dryness disappeared and the flavors developed a more creamy characteristic. It is still dominated by a core of toasted tobacco and I picked up flashes of wood and earth. About midway through it started exhibiting some youthful bitterness but thankfully it was short lived. As the bitterness faded away there was more toasted tobacco and wood/oak all wrapped in a pleasant creaminess. Those flavors remained consistent for the rest of the smoke.

    The Bravo Gold is a good example of a flavorful mild-medium bodied cigar. An amazing aroma is coupled with excellent flavor that remains fairly consistent from start to finish. I think this is an excellent morning cigar that would pair nicely with a cup of coffee, or an early evening cigar before dinner. The construction is top notch delivering a good burning cigar with an excellent draw and a light, well formed ash. This cigar really surprised me. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a cigar made of all Colombian tobacco. I recommend you give this unique puro a try. I think it is a more flavorful and more interesting alternative to a Macanudo or Ashton Classic. Check out to learn more about them. I am going to give the rest of my sampler some more time to acclimate in my humidor and then I’ll post a review of one of the other sizes.

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Cigar Region Colombia
Filler Colombian
Wrapper Colombian
Binder Colombian
Length 6 1/2
Ring Gauge 52
Vitola Torpedo
Construction Hand Made