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    Bow Tie Copper Label

    The Backstory

    Bow Tie Cigars made a splash in the industry several years ago when they first introduced their product. With a different color bow tie band representing a different blend (at the time blue, black, orange and green), and an attention to detail from the cigars themselves to the classy presentation of the product, Billie King, Jr. successfully carved out a notch for himself in this very competitive industry.

    His belief in going the extra step to create the very best smoking experience that he could for his customers has always shined through. And now Mr. King, or as he is more commonly known – Mr. Bow Tie, has revamped his line and has commenced launch with his first commercially available stick from the new “Metallic Label” line; The Copper Label. This cigar is positioned as a medium range offering that can be enjoyed by the full spectrum of cigar smokers.

    Blended from 5 countries and 7 different tobaccos, this line was created to be flavorful and complex. It will soon be followed by two more entries to the market. The Bow Tie Gold Label (Milder) and Platinum Label (Bolder).

    Click this link to see a recent interview with Mr. Bow Tie and learn about this cigar from the man himself.

    The Blend

    Wrapper : Arapiraca Dark Brazilian
    Binder : Dominican Olor
    Filler : Dominican, Brazilian, Columbian, Nicaraguan, Peruvian

    Sizes / prices : 5”x50 Robusto, $7.00, 6”x54 Toro Grande, $7.50 & 7 x 52 Presidencial, $8.00

    The Reviews

    Bow Tie Copper Label cigars

    The 5” x 50 Robusto Review by Nick Sr.

    My review of a brand new Bow Tie blend… Another Amazing Stick!

    Bow Tie has obviously found a home run stroke. This “Copper” Bow Tie was beautiful to behold well before I torched it! This smoke had an awesome oily sheen and great “feel” right out of the wrapper. I just love it when I anticipate pleasure in a smoke and am not disappointed…

    First draw was smooth and clean. The first third of this jewel was as enjoyable an experience as I have ever had! It was consistently mild to medium in nature and began to offer wonderful flavors.

    Its consistent nature really had my attention. Beautiful ash and even burn were just fantastic. At midway I even tasted a fabulous caramel flavor… which lasted throughout the remainder of the stick.

    The wrapper remained true and pleasurable right till the end. No cracking or peeling at all. Its sweetness and flavor led to the most amazing one hour smoking experience.

    You cannot do yourself a better favor than to grab one of these “Copper” beauties… then again, why stop at just one!

    The 6” x 54 Toro Grande Review by Neal

    The cigar is nicely rolled with no soft spots and a nice cap.

    Beautiful pre-light. The initial aroma is a wonderful bouquet of a sweet spiciness. This definitely has a “put it to your nose, sniff and enjoy” kind of wrapper.

    The smoke is cool and complex with a nice long finish that produces a cool creamy sensation on the palate. A touch up lighting was needed along the way, but regardless it held its ash nicely. I would surmise that a little box time will only enhance this cigar and make it even better than it already is.

    Second half of the cigar continued to produce excellent smoke and the aroma continued to please the senses.

    Although I found it difficult to identify individual taste notes, I found the finish and the aroma to work together to give a great experience – to the nub. Bottom line, I loved this cigar’s aroma from start to finish. It is an excellent medium body smoke that will work for both the occasional and experienced smoker. This is definitely a cigar that you all should try.

    The 7” x 52 Presidencial Review by Nick, Jr.

    At first glance the aesthetics of this cigar put you in a mindset of good things to come. The oily sheen of its mocha hued wrapper, its smooth texture and its incredible aroma all hit you at once to let you know that there is something special about to happen.

    Upon putting the cutter to the cap, the excellent construction is noticed. There was no splitting, and the remainder of the cap held firmly to the wrappers end. The cigar had a nice weight to it and a firm, but not hard feel. The oils of the Brazilian Arapiraca leaf left a fantastic flavor on the lips once placed there after toasting the foot.

    The cigar let it true aroma be known on those first few puffs. A sweet earthiness detected in the thick white plumes of smoke. The taste mirrored its smell, and began a steady build to its full palate of flavors.

    The first third of this cigar was where its most earthy notes were detected. Hints of hay were accented with a touch of mocha as the cigar burned down at a comfortable pace and held firm to its solid white ash. Without realizing it you were solidly within the second third of the cigar with a new flavor set. The transition was a smooth as it could be. (Think of the ease in which an Oliva V glides back and forth through its flavor notes and you will know what I am getting at.) A sweeter profile now touched the taste buds, but didn’t linger as to wear out its welcome. Several other notes made cameos to keep the experience new and the anticipation high.

    As the final third was reached, the most unique experience was had. It is difficult to put into words, but the closest that I can come is to say that the flavor was clean and pure. I say this because after each puff I got a sense of a cleansed palate. Similar to when you have a slice of lemon between very flavorful courses of a fine meal. The fantastic sweetness and pine nut notes were well enjoyed with every draw followed by that cool “clean” feeling that set you up for the eagerly awaited next puff. I guess that it is something that you just have to experience. VERY enjoyable!

    The finish on the Copper Label Bow Tie was as great as one would expect it to be following such a wonderful cigar smoking experience. Of course, I brought it right down to the nub.

    Overall, the Copper Label’s biggest impressions on me were: A) the perfect marriage of tobaccos in its very complex blend. This created smoothness at a level that many other brands only wish they could reach, and B) That fantastic “clean” feeling in the final third of the smoke. A top notch cigar.

    In Conclusion

    Billie “Mr. Bow Tie” King, Jr. has done it again! This is a cigar that is not to be missed out on. Visit Bow Tie cigars online at to partake in the Copper Label experience. You will not regret it!

    Here’s Wishing You A Long Ash,
    The Tollaficionados

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