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    This is of course a cigar review, but in this case it is a whole lot more. The Tollaficionados have a review of the company for you, as well as the traditional review done by both of us AND an individual review by Nick, Jr. You will understand our reasons for going a little more in-depth this time around, but to put it in a nutshell – it is well deserved!

    Billie KingWe first heard of The Bow Tie Cigar Company on page 16 of the winter 2009/2010 issue of Smoke Magazine. Pictured there is Mr. Billie King, owner of the Bow Tie Cigar Company located in Belleville, Il. A brief history is provided as well as some contact information. What caught my attention is his style of branding, and his incredible attention to detail. Read on… you WILL agree.

    Founded in 2006 The Bow Tie Cigar Company launched its 1st private label, and by 2008 3 additional blends joined in to support the Bow Tie banner, and leading to their company slogan, “What color is your bow tie?” There are four Bow Tie label colors to choose from, indicating the unique qualities of the blends used to produce each vertical line. The colors consist of: #1) Green Bow Tie – A very mild blend of Dominican fan fold long filler, Dominican binder & a Connecticut Shade wrapper. #2) Orange Bow Tie – A mild Honduran puro with a natural wrapper. #3) Black Bow Tie – A blend of Nicaraguan fan fold long filler with a Honduran binder and an Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper. And #4) Blue Bow Tie – A Dominican puro with its wrapper being of the broadleaf variety.

    All of these are available in a variety of sizes ranging from Corona to Churchill. Go to: to see more on this company and its blends of smoky goodness. You can even get a “Variety Pack” of any color Bow Tie. You will get 4 different size sticks packaged with information, wooden matches, a guillotine cutter & even a box of breath mints. I am telling you, Billie King is a man who knows his business and goes that extra mile and beyond to treat his customers right and provide the very best smokes at an incredibly reasonable price. The “Variety Pack” goes for $22.00.

    Now on to the review:

    The cigar that we chose to review was the Green Bow Tie in a 7” x 49 Churchill.

    Bow Tie Green Label Churchill

    Filler: 100% Long Dominican
    Binder: Dominican
    Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
    Price: $6.00

    And we’re off… These sticks looked fantastic. A silky sheen to a beautiful wrapper with slight veins and a well constructed cap. The pinch test yielded just the right bit of give showing how well these cigars were taken care of. The pre-light aroma was very light, just a subtle hint of sweetness. We positioned our torches, aimed them at the waiting foot of the Green Bow Tie and proceeded to do what we do best.

    Immediately this cigar let is flavor be known. Certainly a very mild smoke, but full of sweetness and a very difficult to describe quality coming from the wrapper. I find it to be very reminiscent of the mild members of the Davidoff family of cigars. Nick Sr. disagrees, but simply states his opinion in this way: “I tend to gravitate toward the milder side of cigars these days, and this fits right into my game plan. I have a feeling that I am really going to like this one!”

    Some minor cracking came to fruition, but the cigar held its leaf tight, not allowing it to flake away. The burn was consistent and even and the light grey ash held for an inch before dropping.

    No sooner did Nick, Sr. comment that he was starting to taste a change in this cigars journey, that I realized the same experience. We were now at the halfway point. No draw issues, the burn remained even and the plumes of smoke emitted not only a fantastic taste that didn’t linger on the palate longer than it should have, but also a floral aroma that won’t buy you a punch in the face from your wife if you accidentally leave the sliding glass door open. “It’s incense honey. Smells great doesn’t it?” (My next test is to try that indoors. Shhhhh!)

    This very enjoyable Churchill smoked along with no negative issues for about an hour. We really enjoyed it. And as the finish wrapped up, we were treated to a slightly more potent dose of the Green Bow Tie’s sweetness which quickly dissipated after the nub was laid to rest. What can we say about the overall experience of smoking The Green Bow Tie brand? For a mild cigar fan such as Nick Sr., this stick gets a solid 9 on the 1 – 10 scale. For a fan of bolder cigars such as myself, I can honestly say that this baby surprised me. I give it a well deserved 8, and absolutely want a few of these in my humidor at all times. Not only will I enjoy this cigar very much as a morning smoke, it will greatly impress anybody that visits and is in the mood for one of the best mild cigars that I have ever had the pleasure of smoking!

    And now for your bonus kiddies…

    An hour had passed since I finished the Green Bow Tie, and I was in the mood for another smoke. Nick Sr. is never one to double-up, so Little Nicky was flying solo on this one…

    I chose to try the Black Bow Tie in a 4.5” x 50 Robusto.

    Filler: 100% Long Nicaraguan
    Binder: Honduran
    Wrapper: Sun Grown Ecuadorian
    Price: $5.00

    I sat back on the front porch as the sun started to disappear over the treetops. A cool 70 degree breeze was blowing and the neighbor’s dog had finally stopped barking, perhaps due to the tennis ball that I forced down its throat. (Kidding, of course!) The pre-light aroma of the Black Bow Tie was expectedly more pungent, and fire was put to foot as fast as my arms would allow. Volumes of smoke cascaded through the Robusto and puffed out of my mouth with a flavor that tasted more like a fine Maduro that a Sun Grown. But I certainly am not one to complain! Not with a cigar as good as this one.

    The construction was solid, just as the Green Label was. But this one had a beautiful, oily and dark wrapper with no blemishes. It gave up just the right amount to the pinch and the draw couldn’t be better.

    I found myself getting lost in my own head as I thoroughly enjoyed this fantastic cigar and as the sweetness of the smoke exited my mouth, it allowed me to enjoy its taste for a few moments before it faded away. I appreciated its generosity.

    My only complaint… that the cigar wasn’t longer. I enjoyed it so much I really did not want it to be over. And yes, I smoked it to such a small nub that I burned my fingertips!

    Solid 9! This is a stick that any fan of a medium bodied, and even full bodied cigar will love.

    Once again I must thank Mr. Billie King for creating such wonderful cigars! His product, customer service and attention to detail are second to none, and these cigars deserve to be at your local tobacconists between the Davidoffs and Montecristos. Talk to your retailer and have them order the Bow Tie line, and pick-up a few for yourself as soon as you can. You will not regret your purchase!

    Enjoy all, and here’s wishing you a long ash!

    Nick, Jr. & Nick Sr.
    The Tollaficionados

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    • Jodie

      I stumbled onto Bow Tie Cigars about two months ago. A friend of mine had the single cigar packages at his bachelor party. I enjoyed them and bought a variety pack. I AGREE, these are really good cigars and the packaging is top notch. I plan to order another few variety packs for my dad and uncles, as Father’s Day gifts. Keep up the good work. PS: My girlfriend likes the green bowtie.

    • JoshK

      I saw the same small article in Smoke and was about to order a sampler pack. Good to know they are all they sound to be cracked up to be and more.

    • Abram

      I was very lucky to meet B. King last year, and have been very pleased with both his cigars and his outlook on life. It only took a few min of talking with him to know that he is def the kind of guy that you want to get cigars from! Every cigar that I have but from this guy has been top noch… I would encourage you all to give them a shot, and you will not be dissapointed.
      What color is YOUR bowtie?

    • Ed

      Great review. The Bow Tie cigar concept is a great marketing idea. I have not had a chance to try the cigars, but I will soon.


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