Bolivar Petit Belicoso 2009 Limited Edition

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    Cigar Inspector

    Bolivar Petit Belicoso 2009 Limited Edition

    Origin : CubaBolivar
    Format : Petit Belicoso
    Size : 124 x 21 mm (4.9 x 52)
    Ring : 52
    Price : ~$11-13

    Bolivar Petit Belicoso is the last 2009 limited release from Habanos SA that we are reviewing at This is the very first edicion limitada from Bolivar. 4.9 inches long, with a 52 ring gauge, this mini-belicoso is an obvious attempt to follow the success of petit vitolas. As usual for limited editions, the tobacco for this cigar has been aged for at least 2 years.

    Appearance : [rating:4/5]
    The wrapper, dark chocolate, has traces of glue and some heavy veining for a Cuban cigar. Salty on the lips, it has a distinct taste of black pepper. The pre-draw is open and very spicy.

    Bolivar Petit Belicoso 2009 Limited Edition

    Construction : [rating:3.5/5]
    I was totally satisfied by the draw and the amount of smoke this cigar produced. However, I have some complaints regarding the burn – not only I often needed to correct it (the wrapper is in fact very thick, I think the issues were due to this), but also at the half-point I struggled to keep the cigar lit.

    Bolivar Petit Belicoso 2009 Limited Edition

    Flavor : [rating:4/5]
    The first third is a mix of powerful woody and spicy flavors. The complexity is moderate. There is also some maduro sweetness in the bouquet. The smoke, heavy, is a little dry. Petit Belicoso becomes earthier and earthier; soft chocolate notes are added to the mix in the second third – this is where I experienced burn problems. I know very well that most Bolivar cigars are rather powerful and I thought I was prepared for it. However, the last third came as a complete surprise. Absolutely full-bodied, earthy and woody with spice in the background, it made my head spinning. Wow!

    Value : [rating:3.5/5]
    With its obvious ageing potential, this is a nice buy if you like typical Bolivar flavors and power.

    Overall Rating : [rating:4/5]
    As other two 2009 limited editions, the Bolivar Petit Belicoso deserves a place in the Habanos SA offering (and in our humidors, probably). What I like about this year’s releases is that the three cigars are very different – the complex and balanced Magnum 48, the linear yet enjoyable Duke and the uncontrollable and wild Petit Belicoso. Whereas the first two are ready to be smoked right now, I would wait at least 1 year before visiting this Bolivar again.

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    • Rocket

      Just had anothet BOLIVAR EL 2009. 5 Month agosns last one. Must say OUTSTANDING smoke. As the bolivar fan I am and got many Bolivars, this is ”a must have” for a fan. buy a box when you still can find them. This stick have every thing. I give this one 96.

    • Rocket

      Bought this box 2012. I´v got 15 left now and they get better and better by time in humidore. Now I find them milder, a lot of smoke, earth,coffee, dark chocolate. Just a bit uneven burn but no problem. I smoked it in to the nub. Not mild and creamy as Bolivar Libertador LCDH, it´s more like EL Asia from 2008. They are still to find out there on some webb dealers. For daly smoke short Bolivar is to recomend, small but a strong/heavy and full of taste.

    • Fredrik Farhadian

      Bolivars never disappoint me. This one is powerful and fullbodied like the rest of them.

    • John Werner

      I experienced my first Cuban Bolivar, the Petit Belicoso. Inspector’s review really hits it square on the head except I experienced a wonderful burn lasting nearly an hour and a half! I really must say the aging of these tobaccos are superb. The wrapper not only looked great with a bit of oily sheen, but tasted like really nice dry cedar and delicious dark chocolate. The cigar does have a kick which is apparent in the last third where the spice really bursts out. This is a very nice selection for after dinner and I paired it with Crown Royal Cask 16 and water for a bit of a nice contrast (a relaxed smooth citrusy sweetness). Highly recommended, I could get use to having these in the arsenal!

    • Tashaz

      Thanks for the info Inspector. Was thinking about smoking one of these with three months on it, sounds like its a bit too strong yet for me. Will let them rest a while longer 😉

    • Humidor

      Nice cigar, nice pictures and nice review!

    • Luke – AspiringGentleman

      Very cool. What a great vitola!

    • DJ

      Earth. Chocolate. Nice band. Mm…

    • Stephen P

      Nice review as usual.
      That is a very rustic looking cigar right there. Especially on the cap.

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Cigar Region Cuba
Filler Cuban
Wrapper Cuban
Binder Cuban
Length 4.9
Ring Gauge 52
Vitola Petit Belicoso
Construction Hand Made
Price Paid $13