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  1. C****

    Avo XO Intermezzo

    Avo CigarsOrigin : Dominican Republic
    Format : Robusto
    Size : 140 x 20 mm
    Ring : 50
    Wrapper : Connecticut
    Filler : Dominican
    Binder : Dominican
    Price : ~$7 each

    I just noticed that there was not a single Avo reviewed here. I’m a big fan of the brand and soon will be reviewing a couple of my favorites (update: here they are; reviews of Avo Domaine and Avo Classic), so stay tuned. We’ll begin with the Avo XO Intermezzo, a delicious medium-bodied mild robusto. From the Avo website, it appears that Avo Uvezian (creator of the brand) is a big fan of Zino Davidoff, so it’s no surprise that some of his cigars seem to taste like Davidoff’s.

    Appearance : [rating:5/5]
    The wrapper is shiny & silky, usually you can hardly see any major veins (can happen though). It is a few tints darker than claro Davidoff wrappers.

    Construction : [rating:4/5]
    Most of the time, I am getting a decent construction with XO series. The draw is close to perfect and although there might be some occasional funneling, the burn is above average. Firmly packed, it delivers a halo of creamy white smoke.

    Flavor : [rating:4.5/5]
    I guess I’ve got to say this from the very beginning – the Avo XO Intermezzo is not a stick that will leave you breathless because of its flavors complexity or profoundness. Furthermore, if you are more into spice and full-strength, this cigar probably won’t impress you much. On the other hand, if you prefer smooth, mild, creamy smokes, with elegant woody, nutty and coffee flavors, you definitely want to try it.

    Value : [rating:3.5/5]
    Might seem a little expensive, but provides a decent value if bought by box.

    Overall Rating : [rating:4.5/5]
    One of my favorite Avo’s and a good mild smoke. Probably not the best one out there, but I’m always satisfied when I take one out of my humidor.

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    • s*****

      This is a awesome smooth smoke for a lady like me…I enjoy one last night first time. A great smoke…

    • R** P

      Had a 5-pack from AC sampler. I have enjoyed the ones smoked so far. Mine were tubos which always works better for me in the humidor. Creamy/medium smoke for me. Nice construction. Burnt a little unevenly. But I’d happily get another 5-pack of these. They add a decent variation in your collection.

    • Z** C****

      My Review of the 4-year old Avo XO Preludio Tubo

      The XO line is a slightly amped up version of the Classic line, sharing a lot of the same flavors with an added oomph.

      The cigar has a light brown color with few veins and a satiny yet slightly toothy wrapper. The pre-light draw is easy and I am rewarded with ample smoke after lit.

      Avo XO Preludio Tubo

      The initial flavors are woody and citrus, which leave a tangy dryness on the palate.

      Halfway through, the cigar really picks up steam and gives of some coffee and licorice notes, especially through the exhale.

      The burn is dead even and my only complaint is that when i have to remove the band from the cigar, the glue takes a little of the wrapper off with it.

      The last quarter of the cigar, which I nub, is rich and fragrant with the ever present wood and coffee and hint of nuts and cocoa.

      I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar and I thank Cyrann for the chance to smoke another aged Kelner/Avo beauty!

      Rating: 89 (B+)

    • T** P******

      Nice cigar, wanna go get one now….

    • J****

      AVOs are good cigars for people who are not that familiar with cigars and want something light but still have the palate to enjoy some flavor nuances.

    • m********

      I had one of these at a local cigar event which was attended by the local rep from AVO. Nice smoke for sure. As for the admiration of the ZINO brand, the rep told me that ZINO is actually part of AVO. Not sure if that is 100% true, but that’s what he told me.

    • c*******

      The AVO 80 is the one for me.

    • w********

      awesome , iwant to try this cigar so bad ..

    • C**** J***

      This is one of the first cigars I ever bought when I started smoking cigars and I still enjoy them. The cigar I’m really loving right now is the AVO 787 it is fantastic.

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Cigar Region Dominican Republic
Filler Dominican
Wrapper Ecuador
Binder Dominican Republic
Length 5 1/2
Ring Gauge 50
Vitola Robusto
Construction Hand Made
Price Paid $7