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  1. Matt

    Ashton Classic Corona

    Origin : Dominican RepublicAshton
    Format : Corona
    Size : 5.5? x 44
    Wrapper : Connecticut Shade
    Filler : Dominican
    Binder : Dominican
    Price : $6 each

    Ashton and the Ashton Classic came on the scene back in 1994 I believe. It is the brain child of Philly native Robert Levin. He partnered with the Fuentes who manufacture many of the cigars that bear the Ashton name. Known for superb quality and construction on all their lines the Classic seems to be no exception.

    The Ashton Classic is dressed in a silky, creamy looking Connecticut Shade wrapper adorned by a very classic looking black and white band. The Ashton name is emblazoned in gold across its face. The filler looks expertly bunched, almost as if each leaf was placed in position purposefully. It predictably had a perfect draw. The flavors delivered by this smoke are a little mild but perfectly balanced making it a very approachable smoke for a beginner but delicious and engaging enough to satisfy even an old pro. The first puff or two is a little harsh and grassy but it immediately settles into smooth flavors of café au lait and a subtle hint of vanilla. As I made my way through the smoke I picked up notes of cedar and almond as well as the occasional flash of grassiness, but the creamy café au lait flavors remained dominate throughout.

    The Ashton Classic is a very good, very well made cigar. I enjoy these most in the AM with a cup of coffee. Any time someone asks me what cigar they should try when they are starting out, or if someone asks me what cigar should they offer to people who aren’t “cigar smokers” the Ashton Classic is one of the two cigars I always recommend.

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    • G. Pape

      Just picked up a 4 Pack of Ashton Coronas. Going for about $10+ a pop. Came well recommended at my local cigar shop.

    • Chuck Lormis

      This was my first cigar. I have tried 100 different ones since. Some better, some not but you can not go wrong with Ashton, in my opinion. If I want a mellow smoke, Ashton tops the list.

    • Jeff Jones

      I find Ashton’s to be overpriced and mediocre at best. Way too mild and one dimensional. If you want to give a beginner a decent smoke for the price start with the actual Fuente;s.

    • Matt

      I get what your are saying, but what I don’t get is what I feel is an inordinately high opinion of the Ashton Classic. While a good cigar, there just isn’t anything special about it. It is a relatively inexpensive mild cigar with a flavor profile ideal for a novice. This Ashton is a $6 stick. That may sound expensive, but really now a days that is probably the median price of a cigar. Everyone’s tastes are different, but there are very very few sticks under $5 that I would want to waste anyone’s time with. That isn’t to say there aren’t some inexpensive gems out there. , but I can’t think of a $2 cigar that I would ask anyone to smoke. I have tried plenty of them and most are crappy and at best they are merely smokeable. I’d much rather give a new guy one of these Ashtons so he can be introduced to a good cigar that isn’t going to over power him and turn him off to trying more. I’d consider it $6 well spent. But like you say, your mileage may vary.

    • Pendaboot

      Crappy cigars? Hardly – I don’t have any. But a good two dollar cigar, like a Gispert, would never make me feel it has been a total waste, but if I see a ten buck stick wasted on an unappreciative novice, that would make me sick.

      Most of the cigars I smoke not only cost me good money, they also represent many months, more likely a few years, of loving storage and aging. The Fuentes, Gurkhas, and RPs will not be wasted on a novice in the mere hope that it will be appreciated. Your mileage may differ.

    • Golf

      I agree with Matt. I would give a cigar smoker a mild (Ashton would work) well made cigar to smoke for the first time. Although they won’t know any different, they will appreciate the cigar. I think that they need to start with something good in order to try something greater… I mean, if I had tried blue bunny ice cream for the first time and someone told me that was “ice cream”, I probably wouldn’t have been too impressed to go back for seconds. But if I had tried Blue Bell Ice cream for the first time, I’d have been hooked for life. I think it’s a similar principle.

    • Matt

      An Ashton Classic is a fine cigar but you have a higher opinion of it than I do. While good it isn’t anything special. It is an inexpensive but very well made mild cigar. It is the ideal cigar for a beginner. I don’t believe in giving a new cigar smoker crappy cigars. They should try something good but something with an easy going mild profile and the Ashton Classic is ideal. It isn’t a very complex cigar so it isn’t something that is wasted on a novice palette. A good experience with a good cigar is more likely going to turn them on to trying more cigars.

    • Pendaboot

      I would never give a fine smoke like an Ashton to a beginner. What a waste. I always let them prove to me that they will appreciate something fine before I give them something that great only to see it in an ashtray after only being started.

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Cigar Region Dominican Republic
Filler Dominican
Wrapper Connecticut Shade
Binder Dominican Republic
Length 5 1/2
Ring Gauge 44
Vitola Corona
Construction Hand Made
Price Paid $6