Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona

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  1. JL Graham

    Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona
    Arturo Fuente
    Origin : Dominican Republic
    Format : Corona
    Size : 133 x 18 mm
    Ring : 45
    Weight : N/A
    Price : ~$100 for a box of 25

    Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona is a decent cigar for the average cigar smoker, not too strong, not too lite, with just enough character to make it stand out among the other Arturo Fuente products.

    Appearance : [rating:3.5/5]
    Though there is a lot to be said for this particular cigar, I don’t know that appearance is one of those. It’s not so much an ugly cigar, nor is it all that attractive. It lacks in character at this aspect. It’s just kind of basic.

    Construction : [rating:5/5]
    Though not the handsomest cigar I have had the opportunity to smoke, it is built very well. It had a perfect burn in the three that I have tried. Each one also had a good draw, not too tight but not too loose. Excellent construction.

    Flavor : [rating:5/5]
    This is the aspect of this cigar that makes it well worth it. I’ve always been a fan of the sweeter smokes, and this one heads the catagory. The first few hits were obviously teasers, giving just a hint of the sweet ripeness and cinnamon wood spice that I do so love. The second third was big extravaganza! Sweet as could be and a perfect spicey burn. In the final third, particularly towards the very end, the wood became way more obvious, but so delicious. A very very good smoke, particularly for the price.

    Value : [rating:5/5]
    Just in the flavor alone, you are getting far more than you are paying for in these wonderful sticks.

    Overall Rating : [rating:overall/5]
    If Arturo Fuente would work on the appearance, I have no doubt that these would be some very high-dollar and in demand smokes. The price is ridiculously cheap for such an amazing and memorable flavor.

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    • Jeremy

      This is a more robust vitola for Fuente’s Gran Reserva series, in both Maduro and Cameroon. I think its looks are gorgeous! It is a unique little corona with just the slightest taper. Maybe due to its interesting shape, flavor changes are rapid in this 45min to 1hr smoke. I would recommend this cigar to any Fuente fan looking for something with a simpler yet fuller flavor profile than an 8-5-8 or Spanish Lonsdale. Larger ring gauge smokers may find this little gem fairly stout on the front end.

    • Chris

      Thanks for the review. It sounds like I’m going to have to pick up some!

    • k0mmissar

      These are quite rare to find in Australia, usually make an overseas order to get anything from the Fuente hands. I bought a box of these in Spain, and realised I paid about as much as a a box of Cohiba Robustos, so go figure. I’ve only had two so far, but it has a wonderful rich flavour, much like the Opus X, and at the reviewers price, i’d be happy to smoke these for the rest of time!

    • tobacmon

      For the price you really can’t beat this blend–A bud and I use to smoke them on the golf coarse all the time!

    • Kalutika

      Might need to pick one of these up on my next trip to the local shop. Those are some nice reviews an commentary.

    • Jason T

      I had one of these in a sampler. A nice medium bodied smoke and very nice price.

    • wedgekev1

      nice review , to small for my taste though .

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Cigar Region Dominican Republic
Filler Dominican
Wrapper Cameroon
Binder Dominican Republic
Length 5 1/4
Ring Gauge 45
Vitola Parejo
Construction Hand Made