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  1. Kaleehb

    Alec Bradley Black Market #1

    Origin : HondurasAlec Bradley
    Format : Toro
    Size : 6 x 50
    Wrapper : Nicaragua
    Filler : Panama; Honduras
    Binder : Sumatra (grown in Ecuador)
    Price : $8 each

    Released in 2011, the Alec Bradley Black Market cigars use a blend of tobaccos from four different countries. However that’s not all… the cigars only contain visos and ligeros (no seco leaves are used in this blend). The Black Market cigars come in boxes of 22 that look like old cargo crates and are available in the following sizes:

    Robusto 5 1/4 x 52; Toro 6 x 50; Churchill 7 x 50; Torpedo 6 1/8 x 54; and Gordo 6 x 60.

    Alec Bradley Black Market #2

    The pre-light ritual for the AB Black Market was most disappointing. The cap on the cigar was sloppy and uneven. The smell of the stick revealed a stout barnyard and tiny shots of mint. Wrapper had plenty of heavy veins and one very noticeable blemish was found upon removal of the large foot band (which did not come off with ease).

    Alec Bradley Black Market #3

    The secondary band that remained on the cigar was halfway up the stick and had a military look to the print decorated with black and steel. Near that middle band was excessive glue stains all over the wrapper leaf. The cold draw was very tight and showed an empty mushroom taste.

    Pre-light score: 6 pts.

    The AB Black Market started out with a cool fresh smoke that was leathery and mildly sweet. After a couple of puffs however the remainer of the cap began to come off in my mouth (don’t think my Xikar guillotine did a bad job as it has yet to let me down). The burn was however dead even and resulted in a gray powdery ash.

    Alec Bradley Black Market #4

    Into the second third of my Black Market by Alec Bradley the tastes took a turn for the better, becoming creamy and bready with a leathery undercoat lingering on the palate. Upon continuing, however, the cream dissipated and a meaty burnt spice led to medium body smoking experience.

    Not expecting much into the final third the cigar became spongy and tart. It remained in the medium bodied range the entire smoke and the aroma had an awkward Indian Curry characteristic to it. The finish showed more muttled ill defined tastes that were very… boring.

    Smoking score: 7 pts.

    Alec Bradley Black Market #7

    To sum up my overall experience with the Alec Bradley Black Market, I would label this cigar as just another bland blend on the already large market. With such a market, cigar producers need to be releasing products that really stick out (not just a cool band or packaging idea). This is a perfect example of that. Aside from the unique name and band (presentation), this cigar just doesn’t cut it. Pass on this one.

    Overall Experience score: 6 pts.

    Alec Bradley Black Market Rating

    Pre-Light: 6 pts.
    Smoking: 7 pts.
    Overall Experience: 6 pts.

    TOTAL: 19 pts.

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    • Will Toronto

      Must disagree with review. Had one today that was great from start to finish. Strong opening, which mellowed an inch in: the rest was heaven. Varied notes of spice, cream, occasional chocolate. The aroma really stood out and was in its element midway to end. Only complaint is the tail was too hot (and really I shouldn’t have smoked it down as far as I did) and the nicotine was much more than I expected. I’ll buy another 5, maybe full box

    • johnny draw

      I love this cigar. I find it rich flavored, an even draw and quite smooth. I strongly disagree with your review and think you should try this brand once more.
      I have certainly been let down by other brands with the same price point,

    • Simon

      This is one of my all-time favourite cigars! Have smoked maybe a dozen, and never any sloppiness with the cap or any blemishes at all. Always really easy to take off each band, and never any off, harsh, or bitter flavours. Really, most of this review goes totally against my experience with the Black Market. I would highly recommend lighting up another for review, because it really sounds like this one was a fluke (somehow)

    • Chris

      I have to object and second Tim on this one; although not great, I thoroughly enjoy my box of AB Black Market Torpedos. Sounds to me like the reviewer sampled a dud which happens even with the best Cuban cigar lines (e.g. Montecristo No. 2) of a cigar which doesn’t meet his profile preferences. I’d recommend the Black Market to anyone seeking something a little different than the rest.

    • Tim

      This review could not be farther from the truth. Alec Bradley Black Markets are a staple of my collection. Beautiful caps, flawless wrapper, perfect draw, never any harshness or bitterness. Maybe you should try more than one before writing a review?

    • Rodrigo Benetti

      Hello, I am Brazilian and I started tasting cigar turns 1. Have tried about 20 brands, but now identify the taste I want to obtain, so we would like to share your experience and tips on brands that do not show or have the least bitter to the tongue (as an acidic cola). I realized that this is a common feature of many cigars, but saw less pronounced in the Partagas D4, RJ Short Churchill and Davidoff 6000, that I love. I thank you.

    • Sean S

      Totally disagree. I love the Black Market. One of my favorite NC sticks. Yes, it’s on the milder end. It is what is and it’s great at that.

    • dpirp

      I too agree with your review. I bought a box and smoked 3 sticks. The remainder are in my golf bag ready to be distributed to golf buddies who wouldn’t know the difference between a Behike and a rolled up Zucchini!

    • Jason Zahner

      I couldn’t agree more! I smoked one over a year ago and thought it was nothing but a below-average smoke in an expensive suit.

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Cigar Region Honduras
Filler Panama, Honduras
Wrapper Nicaragua
Binder Sumatra
Length 6
Ring Gauge 50
Vitola Toro
Construction Hand Made