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  1. B*******

    So, I tried the Adrian Magnus Imperials recently. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect – you know, with it being a newer brand and all. But I gotta say, it was a pretty decent smoke.

    First up, the look of this cigar caught my eye. It has a nice, smooth wrapper, and it feels well-made. You can tell someone put effort into making this. When I lit it up, the first thing I noticed was how smooth it was. The taste wasn’t too strong or anything, just a nice, easy start.

    As I got further into it, there were some pretty good flavors going on. I could taste a bit of coffee and something like creamy leather, which was kind of cool. There was a bit of spice too, but nothing too crazy. It’s nice when a cigar has a bit of character but doesn’t knock you over.

    The burn was steady, which I always appreciate. No need to keep fixing it or anything. Made for a chill smoking session.

    Would I smoke it again? Yeah, I think I would. It’s not the most amazing cigar I’ve ever had, but it’s good. Like, if I saw it in a shop, I’d probably pick up another one. It’s a solid choice, especially if you want to try something new without going too wild.

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    Adrian Magnus Imperial
    Adrian Magnus Imperial
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Cigar Region Dominican Republic
Length 152
Ring Gauge 52
Construction Hand Made