7-20-4 Classic Corona

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    7-20-4 Corona

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    Origin : Honduras
    7-20-4 cigarsFormat : Corona
    Size : 5 5/8 x 46
    Wrapper : Brazilian Mata Fina
    Filler : Colombia
    Binder : Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico
    Price : ~$130.00/Box of 20

    Background Info

    The 7-20-4 is a revived brand based out of Manchester, N.H. Kurt Kendall of the K.A. Kendall Company has brought back the R.G. Sullivan produced cigar that went out of business in 1963. The 7-20-4 name is based off of the street address of the original factory in Manchester: 724 Pine St. I was originally gifted one of these from Dan Welsh of New Havana Cigars. I had placed an order and when I opened the box, there was a 7-20-4 in there with my original order. After giving it a run, I have since ordered more and here we are!

    Mission Notes

    It’s raining; it’s a little chilly out. Not gonna be able to have the normal out on the patio smoke today, so we have moved to winter smoking lounge, aka the garage. I know, high class; but hey, you do what you gotta do! So, hoodie on, staying warm and let’s get this mission started.

    Appearance and first impressions

    The wrapper is dark brown in color, oily, has a few veins, very firm from head to foot, it has the pig tail on the head, which I actually like and I think gives the cigar a unique appearance and has the smell of dark chocolate and fresh cut hay. The initial cold draw is solid and doesn’t give any hint of issues. I taste an underlying sweetness along with some cedar.

    The initial draw on the 7-20-4 is outstanding. I am immediately hit with dark chocolate, toasted nuts and it finishes with some nice spice! Thick billowy clouds of white smoke surround me and I am falling into what I call my “mellow” immediately. The retrohale tickles the taste buds and leaves a little bit of spice. I like some spice, so for me, it is pleasant. That being said, it is not overwhelming at all and I think even my fellow cigar smokers who don’t like spice as much as I do will find it to their liking! We are backing up the 7-20-4 with some good New York Hardcore, H2O is first up! “My friends look out for me like family!” (Very appropriate, in that if not given the original 7-20-4, my mission would not have taken place!)

    As I get through the 1st third of the 7-20-4, the burn has stayed even, the draw and finish are solid and the taste has evolved. I still taste the dark chocolate (has to be the Brazilian Mata Fina wrapper, one of my favorites). I am now enjoying some undertones of earth and the spice has turned it up a notch, I like to label my peppery tastes, and this is straight black pepper and I like it! Still not overwhelming and leaves a pleasant touch on the retrohale. My “mellow” is in full effect, even with the NYHC playing in the background. Civ is up: “Can’t Wait One Minute More”. Very true, I cannot wait to continue through this cigar!

    Now we are over halfway through the 7-20-4 and it is still going strong. No burn issues at this point. The flavor profile has stayed true from the 1st third. Dark chocolate, earth and that black pepper. I am getting some little bits of sweetness teasing me at each puff. It’s there, but it doesn’t want to fully show itself. Very unique! Still with the NYHC and back to H20 and “What Happened?” I will tell you what happened: as I delve deeper into my mission with the 7-20-4, I predict big things for this cigar as the year goes on!

    As we move into the final third of the K.A. Kendall’s 7-20-4, we had one minor burn issue which corrected itself quite quickly. The flavor profile has taken on a new identity! That sweetness I talked about earlier has gone from being a tease to moving to the forefront. It reminds more of a milk chocolate versus dark chocolate. The little bit of bitterness you get in dark chocolate is gone and you are left with the sweetness. The sweetness is being perfectly balanced with the black pepper and also, I am getting hints of cedar. It really has become quite complex. Each pull from the cigar brings a different experience. From strength perspective, I would give it a high medium to low full rating. Time to nub this bad boy and put this mission to bed!

    Final Statement

    K.A. Kendall’s 7-20-4 is an outstanding addition to the cigar community! I enjoyed the complexity of the flavors throughout. It kept me on toes throughout and did not disappoint! I believe that you will hear more and more about this cigar as time goes and the positive feedback is well deserved. Thanks again to Dan Welsh for turning me onto these sticks! Stay tuned: a contest from Agent 24 is coming soon!!


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Cigar Region Honduras
Filler Colombian
Wrapper Brazilian Mata Fina
Binder Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico
Length 5 5/8
Ring Gauge 46
Vitola Corona
Construction Hand Made