601 Blue Maduro

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  1. K****

    601 Blue Maduro

    Origin : Nicaragua
    Format : Prominente
    Size : 5.5 x 56
    Wrapper : Nicaraguan Broadleaf Maduro
    Filler : Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long filler
    Binder : Nicaraguan
    Strength : Full
    Price : $9.30 each


    Created by Eric Espinoza and made by Jose Garcia, the 601 Blue Maduro has quite an impressive resume; including the number six spot on Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25 Cigars of 2009 list and an impressive 93 rating. This beautiful stick is chock-full of rich Nicaraguan long filler tobacco and wrapped in a chewy broadleaf Maduro wrapper. The pretty blue and taupe colored band stands out beautifully against the wrapper. The wrapper leaf is the color of dark chocolate and flecked with minimal petite veins. There are a couple of imperfections marring the otherwise pristine wrapper leaf, but nothing that should affect the burn. The length of the five-and-a-half inch long stick is plump and skillfully rolled, finished with a prim box-press. The triple thick cap is squarely mounted and cuts cleanly with my punch cutter.

    601 Blue Maduro (foot)

    Flavor & Cold Draw

    The dark Maduro wrapper gives of the gentle aroma of rich dark cocoa and cedar while the foot gives off a spicy odor along with the scent of black cherries. The cold draw is clear and gives off plenty of earthy flavor along with the strong taste of crushed black peppercorn that leaves a peppery tingle on the tongue. Once lit, the first few puffs are bitter and acrid but the flavor quickly morphs to a woodsy base with hints of leather and espresso. Midway through the first third, a nuance of mocha appears along with a natural sweetness left on the tip of the tongue. The second third starts off with more of the sweet mocha from the first but the woodsy base intensifies. Towards the end of the second third, the mocha is replaced by notes of leather and coffee bean. The final third breaks the mold with strong flavors of rich tobacco and white pepper.

    601 Blue Maduro (ash)

    Burn & Smoking Characteristics

    The 601 Blue Maduro draws beautifully, producing huge plumes of white, flavorful smoke with each puff. The ash is a light gray color with a brownish tinge to it. The burn starts off with some trouble. The flakey ash drops often and the burn line is uneven with the deviation growing to nearly an inch by the second third. A quick touch up fixes it easily enough. The burn is slow, with a total smoking time of one hour and fifteen minutes, and cool enough that I am able to enjoy the cigar to the nub without burning my fingers or having to purge the stick. The ash drops a total of four times.

    601 Blue Maduro (band)


    The 601 Blue Maduro is a full strength, full flavor stick with a great draw. Despite the uneven burn, the stick performs nicely. The complex, full mouth flavor easily keeps the smoker’s attention throughout the hour and a quarter smoke. At just under $10 a stick, it won’t become my everyday cigar, but it is definitely worth a try.

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    • A**** D***

      Great cigar. Creamy smoothness with hints of cocoa and pepper. Lots of smoke the tingles on the tounge.Pairs well with a good cup of coffee. Setting watching the sunrise with this great stick.

    • K**** B*****

      Thank you! The ashtray is the High Gloss Walnut Folding Ashtray. It has a punch and guillotine that attach magnetically to it. I LOVE it, except when I am smoking a short stick because the cigar cradle is too far away from the ash basin for a shorter stick.

    • B******

      Good review. Nice smoke; I’ve always enjoyed them, when I can find them!

      By the way, tell us about the ashtray in your photos, please! Thanks.

    • M***

      Two years ago, EO Brands re-released this cigar in it’s original band. The original band did not prove worthy enough of the brand owners.

      The decision was made to not release these cigars, and they sat in aging vaults for 3 additional years. After deciding to change the band to what you see now, EO ended up release an allotment of the original banded cigars in the prized Toro size and the Prominente.vitola.

      I was fortunate enough to get hold of 3 boxes of the Toro’s and 1 of the Prominente’s, this was in January of 2012. I still have I box of Toro’s that are sweeter than ever!

      If you’re lucky enough to find a box, don’t hesitate. It’s well worth it, they really are that good!

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Wrapper Nicaragua
Binder Nicaragua
Length 5 1/2
Ring Gauge 56
Vitola Robusto
Construction Hand Made
Price Paid $8.90