5 Vegas Miami Churchill

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  1. Jason

    5 Vegas Miami Churchill

    Origin : Nicaragua
    Format : Churchill
    Size : 7 x 48
    Wrapper : Nicaragua
    Filler : Nicaragua
    Binder : Nicaragua
    Price : ~$6.50 each

    The 5 Vegas Miami line is one that I used to enjoy fairly often, but have gotten away from over the past year and a half or so. I’ve had this particular cigar in my humidor for 2 1/2 years. I was really curious to see how the extended aging would affect this cigar. In my opinion, non-Cuban cigars in general can tend to be unrefined and I was hoping the humidor time would lead to a smoother smoke…

    Appearance : [rating:4/5]
    An unpretentious cigar, but attractive in its own right. It had a slightly reddish Colorado Maduro wrapper with a weird looking large triple cap. It had a pungent spicy/slightly barnyardy prelight smell. It looked to be well made.

    Construction : [rating:4/5]
    This cigar was well made overall. It had a good draw and stayed lit very well, but experienced an eneven burn at times requiring some touch ups.

    Flavor : [rating:3/5]
    I tasted a slightly harsh blast of pepper upon ititial lighting with some grassyness on the finish. Luckily this cigar smoothed out some as it went along. It became pleasantly sweet at the midpoint complimenting the pepper nicely and introducing a little complexity to this cigar. This cigar’s flavor was pretty consistent overall with it maintaining a core of pepper and grass to the end. Its best moments occured at the middle where the sweetness was most detectable. It was tough to stay interested for the entire duration of this smoke, as its lack of complexity made it rather boring. For this reason I plan on going with smaller sizes of this cigar in the future.

    Value : [rating:5/5]
    It is easy to find the 5 Vegas Miami line at pretty heavy discounts, which is the real attraction of these cigars. You are getting a solid yet unspectacular smoking experience at a reasonable price. You don’t have to feel guilty about smoking half and throwing it away.

    Overall Rating : [rating:3.5/5]
    I don’t think the extra aging really did anything to this cigar. It would probably need to sit 10 years for there to be any real difference. If you are a fan of Don Pepin Garcia blends then you will probably enjoy a 5 Vegas Miami… they are textbook DPG, but a little cheaper than some of his other brands. This is a nice cigar to keep on hand to give away, as experienced and non-experienced smokers will probably enjoy it.

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    • basquiat67

      Most of us who have come to appreciate good cigars over the last 20-30 years have discovered that the best cigars are no longer manufactured in Cuba. It is amusing to read the reviews of so-called aficionados who have not yet realized that fact.

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Wrapper Nicaragua
Binder Nicaragua
Length 7
Ring Gauge 48
Vitola Churchill
Construction Hand Made
Price Paid $6.50