5 Vegas Limitada 2008

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  1. Kaleehb

    5 Vegas #1

    Origin : Dominican Republic
    Format : Torpedo
    Size : 6 x 52
    Wrapper : Dominican Corojo (’02)
    Filler : Piloto Cubano (’03) & Criollo Ligero (’04)
    Binder : Piloto Cubano (’03)
    Price : $7 each

    Every year the 5 Vegas Cigar Company releases a traditional small batch of cigars know as their Limitada editions. Due to the limitation of the tobaccos used to blend these cigars production numbers are low. Never using the same tobaccos from year to year, the 5 Vegas Limitada cigars are said to be the finest of the entire 5 Vegas line. Other cigars produced by 5 Vegas are; 5 Vegas Gold, 5 Vegas Classic, 5 Vegas Serie A, 5 Vegas Miami, 5 Vegas Cask-Strength, and the 5 Vegas Relic.

    This is my first time ever smoking any of the 5 Vegas cigars and I am looking forward to the new experience.

    5 Vegas #2

    The first thing I noticed about the 5 Vegas Limitada was the very very dark wrapper the cigar wore. If I didn’t know better I’d have thought it to be a maduro. The cigar in general was very rough and had lots of viens. The cap had a nicely pointed tip however was put on somewhat sloppy. The pre-light smell was musty with hints of manure/earth. The cold draw on the 5 Vegas Limitada was tight and showed a sweetness that was refreshing.

    5 Vegas #3

    The bands were probably the worst part of the entire pre-light ritual. The top band was very lacking in detail and contained lots of sloppy paint marks and color skews. It was put on lopsided and terribly connected in the back of the cigar. The second band bore the year 2008 and was also not connected straight at the back of the cigar. If you don’t put any care into putting the band on the cigar straight it makes me wonder how much effort and care was really put into making the cigar itself?

    Pre-light score: 6 pts.

    5 Vegas #4

    The 5 Vegas Limitada had a great draw and opened up with lots of thin white smoke. A pleasant and mellowing sweet aroma accompanied tastes of burnt charcoal and earthiness. The burn was a little wavy but nothing to be concerned about. A good start to the 5 Vegas Limitada after what could be considered a less than par pre-light.

    5 Vegas #5

    The second 1/3 of my 5 Vegas Limitada immediately showed signs of cappuccino and spice, a pleasant change in the flavor profile, which I love. As the second third came to an end the cigar began to dry my palate a bit and the uneven burn continued. I would definitely classify this cigar as medium to full bodied with an emphasis more toward the medium spectrum.

    5 Vegas #6

    As the final third got under way the earthiness that I experienced in the beginning was revisited. The dryness continued and even worsened a tad as the cigar began to burn hotter. The finish on the 5 Vegas Limitada 2008 was sour and tart (not very enjoyable).

    Smoking score: 6 pts.

    5 Vegas #7

    My overall impression of the 5 Vegas Limitada is that the cigar isn’t terrible however it isn’t great either. It’s what I consider a standard market cigar. One of those cigars that’s just… there. It had a great draw the entire time and a pleasing aroma but that just wasn’t enough to hold up. I do suggest it to someone who is trying to learn their palate and figure out what they like. I would not buy this cigar for my own personal collection however would not be embarrassed to gift it to someone as it is indeed a “premium” cigar.

    Overall Experience score: 6 pts.

    5 Vegas Limitada 2008 Rating

    Pre-Light: 6 pts.
    Smoking: 6 pts.
    Overall Experience: 6 pts.

    TOTAL: 18 pts.
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    • JohnH

      I’ve tried several of the various 5 Vegas and have just not been impressed. As you found, the draw was always fine and I found them to be fairly well constructed, but other than that I just couldn’t find much else to get excited about. The ones I had left were relegated to the G humidor (Garage, Garden and Golf), when I want a cigar but can’t really take care of it and won’t mind if it gets crunched.

      They obviously sell a lot because I get adds for them all the time and the catalogs are full of them. They just don’t float my boat.

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Cigar Region Nicaragua
Filler Piloto Cubano (’03) & Criollo
Wrapper Dominican Corojo (’02)
Binder Piloto Cubano (’03)
Length 6
Ring Gauge 52
Construction Hand Made