Date: January 2013
Author: Cigar Inspector

You have noticed it and even e-mailed us several times with a gentle reminder – we are late with our top non-Cuban cigars for 2012 list. It’s time to fix it right now! As usual, before we start, a few words about our methodology – we call it “total subjectiveness”. Ah, I almost forgot about the only rule: the cigars that made it to the list were not necessarily released in 2012, but smoked throughout the year. Unfortunately, we are unable to smoke all cigars that deserve attention, so you might not see some names that are frequent guests on our blogging friends’ top 5/10’s.

5. San Lotano Oval

San Lotano Oval Robusto

Complex,… ummmm,… not really. Delicious,… yep! Padronesque in its ability to deliver laser-like precison of flavors while maintaining an excellent and flawless burn line.
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4. Xikar HC Series Habano²

Xikar HC Series Habano² Robusto

We liked everything about this cigar, from start to finish. Easy to enjoy, easy to acquire.

3. Padron Serie 1926 40th Anniversary Maduro

Padrón Serie 1926 40th Anniversary Maduro

This cigar showcases how masterful the blenders at Padrón are, not only with the balance and complexity of the individual cigar, but also with the consistency these cigars provide from year to year. This 8-year old stick might be at its peak now.

2. Aging Room Small Batch

Aging Room Small Batch M356

In a world where dark cigars have gained prominence, the Aging Room Small Batch comes across as a beacon of light. There’s no earth or espresso tones in this stick, but rather aromatic flavors of wood and spearmint. Smoking it is a stimulating experience, one that begs you to keep smoking.
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1. Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig

Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig

The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and Brazilian Mata Fina combo seems to complement each other beautifully, the wrapper lends a deep earthy core and the binder gives a punch of sweetness. All hail the Broadleaf!
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What cigars did you like the most in 2012?

4 thoughts on “Best Non-Cuban Cigars of 2012

  1. I’ve had 1-3 and can’t really say I agree. The aging room I only had one so tough to gage based on just one but didn’t really like it. The Padron’s recently have seemed to not be doing it for me. A little harsh. Used to really like the 26s. The FFP is not bad. Don’t really care for DE products.
    My number 1 for sure is the Oliva V. Others are Oliva V MB3 and NHC Reserva

    Of course we all have different palettes which is why it’s so fun to discuss!

  2. Pigs were my Favorite in this group. All are great smokes but I can’t seem to smoke enough of the DE Liga 9 and U lines. Really Awesome in my opinion.

  3. Best non-Cubans of 2012 is a great topic and my interest has been sparked. I plan to sample each cigar profiled !

  4. Havent enjoyed any of those yet, but thanks for the heads up! My faves this year are the Casa Magna Diadema, Alec Bradley Prensado, Oliva V,Oliva V Melanio, Camacho Corojo,and my go-to sticks of La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor (these never disappoint).

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