New Cigar Release: La Aurora 107

New Cigar Release: La Aurora 107

Update: here is our review of the La Aurora 107.

Santiago, DR 12 March 2010 As with their very successful Preferidos, Cien Años and 1495, La Aurora has taken their time in the next step in their 107 year history as Dominican’s oldest cigar maker.

“We had defined our goal early on,” said Guillermo Leon, La Aurora VP, “and that was to bring the smokers a medium bodied, richly flavoured smoke with a fair amount of spice – at a very attractive price.”

Using Dominican, Nicaraguan and Ecuadorian tobaccos, the blending process went through dozens of iterations before achieving a cigar that brings a balanced flavour that is peppery, sweet and provides toasty notes.

According to Vice President, José Blanco, the cigars are being packed in boxes of twenty-one (21) and will come in three (3) sizes priced from $6 to $8:

  • Robusto (4.5 x 50)
  • Toro (5.5 x 54)
  • Belicoso (6.25 x 52)

“I firmly believe we have a smoke, providing excellent flavour, strength and balance,” José Blanco told a gathering of cigar aficionados at a dinner in New York, “that matches the standards we have adhered to in creating the other great cigars that have brought us high regard and high ratings.”

The cigar, named La Aurora 107 in honour of the company’s 107 years in business, will be released in a series of steps, commencing 1 April. “In conjunction with Guillermo and Jose we have planned an exciting series of events to introduce tobacconists and their customers to this cigar,” Nestor Miranda said at the same gathering in New York City.

“As for the name, La Aurora 107, following on the heels of Cien Años, which marked the company’s 100th anniversary,” Leon told the group, “it was decided to keep it simple and meaningful… and easy to remember, hence, La Aurora 107 – La Aurora’s 107th year!”

La Aurora’s distributor, Miami Cigar & Company, has announced that the new cigar will only be available in brick and mortar tobacconists.