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Description (taken from the website) : Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Cuban cigar capital of the world, you will understand that our ‘modus operandi’ is Authenticity, Quality and Service.

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  1. Experience:

    Generously sponsored one of our contests with an amazing lighter. …and Richard is just a very nice person :)

  2. Experience:

    These guys are the Go-To when you want knowledge with your purchase experience. Highly highly reccomended. Often ship in foam boxes with cigars seperated individually to ensure safety. Just wish they’d send a small gel humidification device with it, especially when coming all the way from Switzerland!

  3. 96Brigadier says:


    Have placed several orders with Top Cubans. Excellent service, great selection, great quality. Prices are higher than some of the other retailers but if you watch for their monthly specials you can get better prices.

  4. Experience:

    I add my recommendation to the foregoing. Richard’s prices can be matched (or bettered) but not his service, nor the quality of his product, nor the care with which they are selected, packed and shipped.

    TopCubans ships cigars vacuum-packed, which does something special when the packs are opened: the cigars seem to “inhale” air at normal atmospheric pressure, which seems to help them rehumidify quickly and evenly in the humidor.

  5. Experience:

    My cigars came in great condition perfect in every way, although i had to pay dutys on them (Canadian) the service was great as well.

  6. vegashabano says:


    I have placed many orders over 5 years through richard with 100% flawless delivery and product. they are the best of the best. not the cheapest but you get what you pay for

  7. Bigmommatz says:


    This company is run the way a company should be run 100% customer service. Richard and David are the best. I have made may purchases and all of them completely legitimate. The product,prices and customer service have never been matched by any other cigar company I have done business with. This website is a must for avid cigar lovers.

  8. LBaltimore says:


    Great site for authentic cuban cigars! Prices aren’t as great as some on the web, but they’re 100% authentic so it’s worth paying a bit extra for some piece of mind. Cigars shipped promptly, I only wish they shipped with humidipacks.

  9. Experience:

    (comments have been consolidated)

    Comment #1 (May 17 2010) receivd the personel box 10 of my choice great shipping ,the cigars
    needed 3 weeks minimum for fresh up
    10 days for Canada

    Comment #2 (Sep 8 2010) Like them , the only problem I order 3 times And last order did have to pay the canadien taxes over 200 percent it’s
    like Russian roulette if you order better go to Cuba a week smoke like Crazy and buy a max of cigars

  10. Experience: Neutral

    I am wondering how many people from Canada ended up paying taxes/duties on their cigar orders. was that every time? was it for a large order?

    I live in Canada as well and i have purchased a couple of times from this website, however so far so good.

  11. Experience:

    I have been ordering from Richard and David (and Rick from a while back) for years now and am ALWAYS impressed by their customer service, attention to loyalty, and their response if ever anything goes wrong. These guys are just the best. They never mess up orders and I have never had to wait weeks on end for orders to arive. If they are out of stock on something, they don’t take your order (like some others), or if they run out somehow after you have ordered, they will make it right.

  12. Experience:

    Fast response and well communication with the customer. One week delivered to Thailand… Sometime the price is not the main factor to buy. Well communication and response are a must on this.

  13. Experience:

    excellent site and great service. very helpful customer service and cigars are always packed safley. would recommend to any of my friends. it helps when the people that sell the cigars are cigar smokers and can give you decent advice.

  14. Experience:

    I’ve been ordering from TC since 2007 and have never had anything other than an excellent experience. David and Richard provide the best customer service of any Cuban cigar online retailer, hands down. You might pay a bit more, but they are really the pinnacle. Stick to the specials and you’ll do well.

  15. Experience:

    I used to use this firm and was very pleased. Switched over to a competitor only because their prices are much better. Last 2 orders however were a nightmare. Will go back to Topcubans and pay the extra money.

  16. Experience:

    I ordered from topcubans on december 8th i live on long island in NY. My order shipped out unbanded and reboxed that same day. Great right? Well so i thought. Package left geneva on the 8th the bands arrived on the 14th. Well it is now january 7 and no package. David said he will ship a replacement package which is great. But if it does not arrive this time im SOL! So be carefull if u live in the US because if youre unlucky like me youll be out of alot of money for nothing. Other than that davids a very nice reasonable fella so give them a shot as long as you dont mind playing russian roulette w customs.

    Update: I just wanted to post a follow up to my above post. My second package arrived yesterday via fedex 3 day. The packaging was great cigars taste excellent amd there was no damage at all when the bands were removed on all 20 cigars. David thankyou if you read this. Amd to all who may order from him, have them ship fedex it will cost more but US CUSTOMS is more lax via fedex than via usps.

  17. mlanterman says:


    I have ordered three times from Top Cubans. Each time they exceeded my expectations. Fast shipping. Excellent packaging. Great experience.

  18. Experience:

    (comments have been consolidated)

    Comment #1 (Nov 6 2010) I have ordered twice from this company and I find their prices extremely competitive, especially if you watch their monthly and weekly sale items.

    First and foremost this site has the best customer service of any cigar vendor I have encountered online. They answer emails almost immediately and were very helpful with fixing my first order when I made a mistake and tried to order something no longer available. I followed an old link from here for a limited edition pack that still exsisted on their server but has long since sold out. My fault for not checking dates. David contacted me and allowed me to choose other merchandise of the same value and threw in a free Cohiba.

    All arrived vacuum sealed and well packaged. As other have said no humidipaks included but I am not sure why some people here say that is a must with vacuum sealing. If there is no air in there your humidipak is useless or of minimal value.

    I have placed a second larger order with them this week. It shipped the next day with a confirmation from David. Waiting for it to arrive. I live in the US and the first package arrived via USPS and Suissmail with no customs issues. It took about 5-7 days to arrive.

    All cigars were in perfect condition. Placed them all in the humidor for a few weeks to make sure they were fully recovered from shipping. Had a friend that owns a local cigar store look at them and as others have said they are completely legit and great quality Cubans.

    The seals were broken on the boxes but I assume that they must open them to verify they are ok before shipping. Serial nmbers are authentic.

    Love this company, looking forward to many more years of getting my Cubans from them.

    Comment #2 (Nov 8 2010) Second order arrived today in perfect condition. Well packaged and in great shape. Got a box of Trinidad T’s and although they remove the barcode, I assume for my protection and theirs since I am in the US, the box was pristine with all the appropriate seals and markings. Couldn’t be happier with these guys.

    Comment #3 (Dec 22 2010) Yet another order from them in perfect condition. David is very nice and helpful. I was a little worried on my last order after seeing a bunch of Cubans siezed by customs in Chicage but all my orders from these guys have arrived safely via the regular mail no problems at all.

    Comment #4 (Jan 18 2011) I recieved another order last week no problem. A single box of 25 Montecristo #4’s. As usual, they were sent via regular mail and arrived in exactly one week. Original Cuban box with bands on. All of their boxes do come opened but they have the appropriate Cuban tax stamps with holograms. Bar codes are removed though when shipping to the US. Here is verification of my order history from last year:

    Everything seems as authentic as can be. I referred a friend and noted it to them on my last order and received two free Cohiba Siglo VI’s as promised through the refer a friend program. Here are some links to pics of product received from them:

    Thats just a sample of what I have gotten from them and took the time to take some pics of. Everyone seems to cry “fake” when it comes to Cubans but I have yet to get anything from them that has not looked and tasted as it should. Some things to note:

    1. If you live in the Northern US shipping has been slow lately. My friend in Detroit had to wait almost a month for his order to arrive as it sat in customs forever. He thought it was lost for good and then it just showed up out of the blue a couple of days later. Everything was fine since it’s all vacuum sealed. I live in the South and this does not seem to be an issue. I assume it’s because customs is backed up in areas where they have had terror threats, plus they seem to be cracking down on Cubans coming through places like Chicago and New York.

    2. These guys are recognized by Habanos as an authorized retailer, why woul they send you fakes?

    3. They OPEN and inspect every box. So if you can’t handle that then I would not order from them.

    David is one of the easiest guys to work with when ordering cigars and this site has been nothing but top notch for me. It sucks others have had issues, but if you live in the US you have to be prepared for customs delays or maybe even loss of a shipment. Hope this info helps.

  19. Experience:

    very prompt service, i verified my order, and it,s the real thing. These guys are trustworthy, honest, fair, and fast. Defintely will order again

    Update (Feb 16 2011) Ordered once again, this time some very expensive cigars, as usual came fast and in perfect condition!!!!
    thanks david


  20. Experience:

    Not the cheapest site for cigars, but if you are patient you will always be able to nab a few freebies. Received 3 free cigars with my order of 10. One Partagas Lusitanias, one Edmundo and one Belicos Finos! When you factor that in, even with the rather high shipping cost, it’s a bargain. Your cigars will always arrive in a timely fashion as well. So glad I switched back to these guys after mistakenly trying a competitor.
    Very Satisfied once again.

  21. Robert Lucas says:


    I work in the police department in Taiwan,
    I can confirm that the quality of their fine cigars,I can receive their cigars even in Taiwan.

  22. Experience:

    I just received my first order from topcubans. The cigars arrived in perfect conditions (This may be your top concern). Shipping is fast. Plus they respond my request very soon and with full respect. Thanks, David and Richard!

  23. Experience:

    Very personal service, authentic, quality cigars for a decent price.

  24. Experience:

    I placed an order in May…received confirmation that payment had been received on May 24, items shipped on May 25. I received a tracking number through email…I emailed “David” to ask what service had been used and he replied back USPS. Here is where it becomes suspect;

    1. The tracking number says that the item shipped was a letter (kind of hard to ship 15 cigars in a letter)

    2. After 12 days of nothing and no action on the tracking I began to again email “David”. 5 emails later I am yet to get a response back. (pretty suspect for a company that gets such high reviews on customer service)

    3. If you check out every review board you will notice that all of their reviews come in bunches…either grouped together on the same day or within a couple of days of each other (tells me that the same people are posting these reviews)

    4. The phone number that is listed on their website is out of service…I tried numerous times to contact it.

    Needless to say I think I have been had…I hope that I am wrong and that everything works out but all signs are pointing to no.


    Update #1 (Jun 9 2011) I would like to update my post from yesterday. After sending a couple more emails I did receive a response this morning. I am still yet to receive my package but at least have some communication. TopCubans did make the offer to resend my order if after a month I have not received it.

    I must say that I contacted Intertabak AG (habanos importer) and they replied to me saying, “I can confirm you that within our borders we maintain a business relationship with”. So this response puts me a bit at ease. It looks more like this may be a case of disappointing customer service. I will continue to post updates to my experience. I hope that there is a positive end and I can give TopCubans praise.

    Update #2 (Jun 29 2011) Well I would like to continue my updates…I am still yet to receive my cigars from It has now been over a month since they received my payment. There has been no communication from them since my last post…I have sent two inquiry emails last week and just sent one today…once again they are not responding to me.

    Summery: Not only have I not received my cigars but the customer service has been flat horrible with them practically ignoring all of my attempts at contacting them about the issue.

    Update #3 (Aug 10 2011) First I would like to submit one final comment to my post above…I finally received all the cigars and they all seemed suspect from the get go.
    I think that Top Cubans sells fake cigars and I have the proof. I purchased two Cohiba Behike 52′s…I was first concerned with the construction of the actual cigars and then I checked out Cigar Aficionado’s insider on counterfeit Behikes, Behike bands, and Behike Boxes…in their video they compare a real Behike band with two fakes…one fake is very obvious but the other is very good…After just looking at the pictures I was convinced that mine were real…BUT…after watching the video and getting better closeups I noticed that mine matched the second counterfeit. The dead give away is in the white box squares…particularly those around the woman’s head…and even more every white square that is cut or angled to shape around the head…it is most noticed at the bottom of the head near the neck. So BUYER BEWARE… I paid over $40 each for these and over $300 by the end of my order…don’t be had like I was.
    Pictures: pic #1, pic #2

  25. alberave says:


    I have found Topcubans several years ago and I buy online often. Their prices are lower than in Italy and the service is generally very good. I have been disappointed with only a few sticks (10 Saint Luis Rey Regios too tight to draw and, last, one 2007 box of Romeo y Julieta Exhibición No. 4 – too old and dry and with an horrible taste).
    My impression is that they aren’t keen to any bad comment about their cigars quality and, even if I’m always polite, their replies doesn’t leave space to any negotiation. To be honest, only the last case has been cleared with a promise to send me some R&J with my next order (but I still have a dozen of sticks that are not even good for light the fireplace…).
    No doubts about their cigars are legit: you can stumble in a bad box (but this is the risk for online shopping!) but, absolutely, no fakes there! Long ashes…

  26. JStephens says:


    I’ve been ordering from David now for about 2 years and every order has gone through flawlessly. Sure the prices are higher than other sites but these a AUTHENTIC Cubans. David knows his stuff and is even willing to give you a deal if you send an email to him asking for advice and a possible discount. Just ordered a box of 25 Romeo y Juliet Churchills and got $40 dollars off the price and in addition received 3 free cigars and 2 free cohibas for paying with a bank transfer, plus it arrived vacuum sealed in about a week, no problems with these guys, always generous to send a deal your way and they know their stuff. Better than the rest of the online dealers who get shady when it comes to real authenticity.. You know they’re authentic when they sell a specialty product for $40,000.00 USD with Fidel Castro’s Signature and authenticity slip from Habanos and Cohiba with Gold on the Humidor. Make the right decision,

  27. Ex-customer says:


    I think you still need to be very careful. I bought for years from these guys, but have some serious reservations regarding my last experience as to the authenticity of the product. Suffice to say it they were two different cigars I’ve both smoked for years and years, so I know what they should look like and taste like, and these clearly didn’t. Not to mention the bands looked so fake they were pathetic. I heard the “we’re and authorized dealer” spiel, but don’t for a minute think that anyone wouldn’t be tempted to make a quick buck (or several hundred) given the opportunity.

  28. JStephens says:

    Experience: Neutral

    In response to the comment above, I have too have been dealing with Richard and David for years. It does happen every so often that a cigar in your box may not meet the usual Cuban Cigar standard because as we all know mistakes do happen at the manufacturer, I for one have smoked hundreds of Cuban Cigars and I too have had the unpleasant surprise of being dealt an abnormal cigar that just doesn’t feel right. Suffice to say that it was a discouraging moment this actually happened while I was in Cuba visiting. I can assure anyone that Richard and David run the best online retailer I know of. If you did truly have an issue with your Cuban Cigars, you should have contacted David and explained the situation. He has sent me free cigars in the past to insure my trust. Their customer service is the best in the business, if you had a problem you should have contacted David instead of doing nothing. He will always make the situation right to insure you stay a loyal customer.

  29. leanderdsilva says:

    Experience: Neutral

    These guys haven’t replied to my email asking for tracking info for my order that was places more than a week back. Not replied to 3 emails. Might never use topcubans again.

  30. Experience:

    I used to be a regular customer of Top Cubans. Their customer service used to be quite reliable and deliveries were often fast to the US. However the quality of the cigars became very suspect. I even had to send a couple boxes back. After a while (many months) I got tired of dealing with inferior quality cigars, it just took up too much of my time writing letters and exchanging the cigars. In the meantime I started using another dealer. The quality of my cigars got much better while my friend who kept buying from Top Cubans continuted to have the same problems. Eventually he alsos got tired of all the BS so he started buying from another supplier. A few months ago another friend who stopped smoking gave my buddy a bag full (at least 40 cigars) of cigars he bought from Top Cubans. All kinds of limited edition cigars, regional cigars, and a nice selection of Bolivar, Romeo and Julietta, etc. The selection blew us away. So one night we’re watching football and start smoking a couple cigars. They were flavorless.

  31. Experience:

    Cigar arrived today,smell great smoke even better.Very pleased with price quality and shippping time.

  32. Ex-customer says:

    Experience: Neutral

    JStephens – bad assumption on your part. Did contact David with my concerns, at which point he basically told me to screw off. Done with them.

  33. JStephens says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Not here to start a fight but I would really like to see the email conversation where David told you to screw off. I’ve dealt with him for years, and that doesn’t sound like him. I’m not denying what you are saying but a screenshot of some “fake” cigars etc. would need to be shown to give your comment credit, or a SS of the conversation. I don’t deny it but I do doubt it. If what you are saying is true, there is no denying the truth, so I would have to look into this further however without proof, there is no backing to your suggestions. Calling a cigar flavorless by your opinion is not enough to deem it a fake.. you give me proof and I will have no problem agreeing with you. Let it be noted that my experience with TopCubans has been nothing but excellent so your comments do surprise me. Please post the proof. Without proof your comments have no footing to be taken seriously. This is not an attack, I just want the truth. I’d be pissed if I was buying fake cigars too.

    Update (Aug 11 2011) Wow, after checking out Cigar Aficianado I am taking a look at my RyJ Churchills and the bands do not match the real ones shown on their site, there are very small imperfections but they are there. I am extremely interested in finding out more and sharing photos of the cigars, if it does become true the TopCubans does sell counterfeit cigars then I need to find a new place to buy my cubans online. Is there a way to get in contact via email with anyone? I would post my email publicly but I would probably be spammed by bots, really interested in getting to the bottom of this now. Attached picture.

    Update #2 (Aug 12 2011) I actually spent the last few hours looking over the cigar bands and did a ton of research turns out they were actually real ones, I guess the bands that Cigar Aficianado is showing on their site our outdated for the RyJ brand. Also took a look and compared the Behikes and they checked out as real too. Glad I wasn’t had by counterfeiters, the flavour of the cigars was too great for it to be true!

  34. Experience:

    Very good experience, although I’ve only 3-4 orders with them. Will keep on doing business with them.

    I’d like to see more proof of these fake claims. I’ve yet to see side by side pictures of bad cigars, bands, labels etc. Perhaps Habanos should be contacted to legitimise any claims of mismatches – with all the regional releases and variations over the years and such, it’s possible that differences perceived as counterfeit signs are not that all.
    Also, think about it – isn’t it better to smoke the original cigars, and *reuse* the bands on lower quality or at least cheaper replacements? Why would you bother to produce bands, and get them wrong, for cigars that are not rare at all?
    It’s understandable to recreate bands for when they’re scarce, e.g. for old, out of production cigars. But new, series cigars? Seriously, just bribe someone on the process chain that creates the authentic labels… suddenly someone lost a bag of labels, and you’ve “found” it.

  35. Nefari0us says:

    Experience: Neutral

    How was the taste on these suspected fakes? I have received a few questionable cigars that tasted on point.. So it really came down to the fact that if these were fakes they were very good (and quite tasty) and probably worth what I payed anyway

  36. Experience: Neutral

    Well let me put out a couple responses here…FIRST…I have yet to try them because they were being saved for an occasion later in the year but I would be happy to submit even more pics that show the disgraceful construction of these…I know that flaws sometimes get by inspection but you guys talk like it’s a common thing…come on people really…everyone knows that cigars are Cuba’s pride and Joy and they go above and beyond to ensure the quality of all cigars and ESPECIALLY their premier line from their premier company. I suffice to say that any inspector who would let these slide by would most definitely be fired immediately.

    SECOND…luca…of course just looking at the pics say nothing…that’s why they are very good fakes…but non the less…they are fakes. I provided the info as to where to find the info, where to find the comparison pictures, where to find the video comparing the exact fake bands that I received. So point and click your mouse and do some research before commenting.

  37. Experience: Neutral

    I did look at the CA site and couldn’t find the info you mention. Please provide links.
    Also, do you find it funny that you yourself never posted to this thread before you posted to this thread? Because, you know, that’s true…
    Silly logical fallacies aside, the Inspector verifies that everyone is a client of the shop before when commenting on a thread.
    It should be very obvious to you that you have provided accusations but no substantial proof; if you had, you would have seen a completely different response on this thread.
    I would refrain from accusing other people of being disingenuous. “I’m just saying” is not a good enough excuse for paranoid accusations.

    Update I’ve found it:
    Cigar1, the bands in your photos are precisely like the bands on the genuine article, as they clearly have a black outline around the head, so the gold never touches the white.
    Honestly I can’t believe the fuss you’ve caused which such silly mistakes.

  38. Nefari0us says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Im not defending anyone, but those behikes don’t look fake to me… Only taste will tell. If you’d like to send me one I’ll be happy to smoke it and tell you what I think ;-)

  39. Experience: Neutral

    Top Cubans sent me a free BHK52 with my last order a few months ago. It was genuine.

  40. Experience:

    A little pricey compared to some others but excellent quality and selection.

  41. Experience:

    I ordered from Top Cubans and had my Cohiba Siglo II’s in 7 days here in California. There was some confusion with the billing, but that did not delay the delivery. David called me from Switzerland to explain in great detail the reason for the confusion. I will order from them again.

    Update (Oct 18 2011) I just received my second order from David am I’m very happy. 6 boxes all together in original packaging. 7 days total to ship to West Coast USA and all seem to pass the counterfeit test.

  42. Experience:

    Have gotten some montecristo #2 and cohiba from top cubans. Both arrived timely and were perfect to smoke. Boxes are slightly older than some of the lower cost providers. Although you pay more and have to deal with bands being shipped separately, I am finding that it is worth it to have absolute knowledge about what you are getting.

  43. Experience:

    Good cust service, authentic cigars!

  44. Experience:

    This was the 1st time I ordered from Top Cuban. I will defiantly order with David again. Great customer service, great product and received the stix in 7 days from ordering with a tracking # not like other sites that send you garbage.
    John DI

  45. Experience:

    service excellent,good quality …defintely continue with R&D

  46. Experience:

    I never recievded my shipment, I have contacted the shipper numerous times but with no results, buyer beware. With all these positive reviews I felt confident when ordering but would recomend people order from a different site.

  47. Experience: Neutral

    I have positive things to say about these guys from the way they handle mail and what they claim.
    They seem to be professional.
    I have cigars on the way with them in individual sticks with out bands and enough of them to see what I get.
    The taste will be what counts.
    I will post when I get them soon if they are real.

  48. Experience: Neutral

    I received the cigars from Dave in top shape vacuum packed in thick clear material and when I took them out the smell,feel,construction ,measurements and weight looked authentic Cubans.
    I smoked a short Partagas and it tasted awesome with that real familiar taste of these little great cigars
    I will post again about various others I ordered
    as I smoke them.
    All the cigars I received are humidified perfect and ready to smoke
    Finally a positive outcome ordering on line.
    By the way for anyone’s interest I am real and have no relationship with any one vendor but spending my money to buy cigars and verified by proving so to the administrator of this site.
    I am sure there is many great vendors out there besides this one and in my opinion the taste is the way you Judge a cigar so all the non authentic ones out there even if they are made to look real ,you can always tell by taste.
    Obviously some times you get your moneys worth.
    Thumps up for Dave so far.

  49. Experience:

    So I took a gamble and ordered a couple of singles from these guys, some that I already had in my humidor and some I didn’t. The RyJ Duke looked the same as mine all be it a little darker, and the El Ray Del Mundo Choix supreme looked bang on.

    Don’t really know if I will order from them again though, $20 shipping is a little to high and I got hit with duty and PST. PST!! I live in Alberta so I don’t know how that works

  50. Experience:

    Received my order today of several different brands. They ALL are the same COLOR! The R&J’s have varying sizes. I’ve seen better construction. Buyer beware!

  51. Experience: Neutral

    unfortunately they removed the barcode.
    very sad…

  52. finewinenut says:


    I have bought from Topcubans for three years now. As of late i have noticed the latest cigars which they shipped me have a discolored light brown label on the Monticristos No. 2. The labels dont have the embossed raised label as the authentic ones. i had honestly thought they were a straight up shop. in addition, i received a box of Hoyo’s dated may of 2008 with a hollowgram on it when the hollowgram started in 2009. I WOULD NEVER BUY FROM TOPCUBAN AGAIN. i have spent many of thousands from them. BE Careful, when you think you can trust a vendor… they get you in the end.

  53. finewinenut says:


    I have bought from Topcubans for three years now. As of late i have noticed the latest cigars which they shipped me have a discolored light brown label on the Monticristos No. 2. The labels dont have the embossed raised label as the authentic ones. In addition, i received a box of Hoyo’s dated May of 2008 when the hollowgram started in 2009. I WOULD NEVER BUY FROM TOPCUBAN AGAIN. i have spent many of thousands from them. BE Careful, when you think you can trust a vendor… they get you in the end.

  54. Experience: Neutral

    Ordered 25 box of Montecristo #5’s. Recently got back from Cuba with the real deal #5’s. Will compare and post my results.

  55. Experience: Neutral

    Well i received the 25 box of Montecristo #5′s. The band seems to be legit, box seems good except missing the BARCODE, not pleased with that. The color seems a bit off to the #5’s i brought back from cuba recently however they could be just dry. There now in my humidor. Smoked one and it seemed to be legit. Im a fairly new cigar enthusiast so i could be wrong but i think there real.

  56. only authentic! says:


    partagas super partagas 25 box. the lid has `made in havana, cuba`. not habana but havana. yes, cuban write never havana. my money in vain…

  57. Experience: Neutral

    about the stamp on the lid: it’s the same on the lid of Punch Royal Selection No 12 . The written should be not apply in Cuba, probably from dealer.
    it’s in english and not in spanish “hand made”.
    The sigils on my box are ok.

  58. Experience: Neutral

    I live in Italy and fortunately we have a lot of habanos cigars regularly imported by Diadema spa, nevertheless I’d like to taste some unimported cigar or vitola which I found in Topcubano. The moment I placed the order, I’ve been emailed to a Hong Kong bank and a firm in Latvia. My order was 264USD and, if I was to pay, the bank was charging me for extra fees and taxes up to 65USD. Is that correct? David responded me that he would have added some cohiba cigars to cover the taxes costs.
    Has something similar happened to any of you?

  59. rpopescu says:


    Max, I live in the Netherlands and I’ve recently ordered (on Father’s day promotions) a box of 25 Partagás Serie D No. 4 and a box of 25 Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial.
    This cost me about 350 EUR, which is a great deal in my opinion, compared to prices in shops here.
    My bank (ABN AMRO) charged me 15 EUR for the transfer, which I found odd, since the bank is in Latvia which is in the EU, and for example transferring money to Germany or France never cost anything (the company’s in Hong-Kong not the other way around).
    However, David gave me an extra cigar that would cost about 22 EUR, so I’m very pleased with the order, even though the banks are charging way too much money for the transfer service, in my opinion.
    Ciao e buon fumo!

    Update (Apr 18 2013) Ordered again, prompted by their recent 10% off most cigars – a box of the lovely Hoyo de Monterrey double coronas, and another of Montecristo 4. David added a 3-pack of Epicures as compensation for the bank transfer charges, and I’m very happy with the cigars and the service. Friday to Tuesday transport CH to NL.
    Excellent as usual.

  60. Experience: Neutral

    I’ve use, ordered Bolivar Legenderios RE 2008, PERFECT, i added my cigars photo;

  61. havanavitolas says:


    I have been a customer of topcubans for many years–in fact topcubans has been, until recently,my main source of havanas. I spend approx 7,OOO usd per year on cuban cigars and topcubams has been my sole resource–until recently, because david, the new man in charge is not adept at relationships, top line analysis, the value of long standing customers, and in my subjective opinion, not the man Richard iS. I have taKen my business elsewhere–and there are many options. Just make sure that habanos sa supplies the vendor with havanas.

  62. Experience:

    I was sold VERY POOR quality cigrs from this mob, they have a returns policy yes but when i returned them they continued to insist that they didnt recieve them.This went on for a couple of months, i checked with the post and they confirmed that the cigars were returned. After i got tired of the excuses i decided to lodge a dispute payment with my credit card company based on the authenticity of the prodiuct. Once the bank got involved Top Cubans miraculously found the cigars!!! the bank found in my favour and ordered Top Cubans to refund my money..
    below i have copied some of the response from David at Top Cubans..

    Strange mail. As you know all our cigars come from InterTabak Ag, official Habanos Importer in Switzerland. As these cigars are intended for sale on the Swiss terretory only, we are required to remove the Distributos trace code in order to protect our Improter. This bar code is not for public use. This is an internal Habanos tracer to see where their cigars go throughout the world. As each Importer is only suppose to supply his region, we must remove this trace from all boxes exported.
    If you are not happy with your cigars, simply return them. This guarantee is marked on our web site. I am shocked by our intention to steal from us by blocking your card for an order you have clearly received. I am not sue if that how business is done in …….., but in the rest of the world it is called credit card fraud. The Credit card companies are fully aware of our guarantee policies, as we are obliged to provide this to them when we sign contracts with them.
    I am hoping your mail was a rash cry for help and you will see sense again. If you are not happy with your order, please say so and I will provide you with the return instructions. Once we get the cigars, they will be returned to Intertabak, where the sommelier will give us feedback.
    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
    Enjoy !
    Yours sincerely,


  63. Experience:

    These guys are fantastic!!! Order processed same day, 5-8 day delivery to states(colorado)!
    High quality, great communication. Would highly recommend… have had 4 orders from them so far!!

  64. Experience: Neutral

    I have smoked many fine Cubans and recently received my first order through this website. I am happy to report that the cigars are authentic and were delivered in superb condition. I live in Australia and would note that I had to pay duty on the cigars (around 42%) but all came with original boxes and bands. Still around half-price compared to retailers in Australia, even with duty – a great supplier, although you will have to wait around 5 weeks once through customs. No complaints at all!

  65. sakillets says:


    This was my second order placed and this time my cigars were stopped or lost on the way to my residence. I contacted David at topcigars and he promptly sent a new shipment with 2 day shipping for no additional charges. It really means alot in this day and age. I recommend this company and I will positively order more cigars from them in the future.

  66. Experience:

    Stage 1 (Feb 5 2013) – placed an order for club and mini cigars. Delivery to Brazil. Sent a couple of e/m to confirm all OK and asked for some form of tracking number. Was given later, but found this was for German destination. Have sent e/m requesting clarification. Not impressed so far, but will report progress.

    Update (Feb 9 2013) Tracking number has worked and David to vcall to explain a couple of points. So I have upgraded experience to neutral and we will see how we go. order in transit.

    Update (Feb 23 2013) Package arrived in Brasil on Feb 15th. Still not here with no updates. Waiting!!!!!

    Update (Mar 3 2013) Packagae arrived well packed, no markings. Not tried product – but for Brasil customers, be aware it takes 3-weeks on arrival for delivery. But will order again in due course.

    Update (Apr 18 2013) Excellent packing. No problems with customs. Free gift of Montecristos for loyalty. Only issue is in Brasil takes 3-4 weeks to get you after arriving in Sao Paulo. But will order again.

  67. Smokyjoe says:


    Ordered 3-pack of Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 and they arrived quickly but all three had hair-like white mold patches on them. When I contacted David, he told me it was plume. I offered to ship them back to him for replacements if he believed it was plume and he never responded. Very disappointing. I won’t be buying more stogies from these guys.

  68. Clinton says:


    I received my second order from – again, a very positive experience. Cigars were great, authentic and in top condition. I will not hesitate purchasing cigars from this site again. Thanks David!

  69. Experience:

    Rec my first order from this company. Cigars were vac packed and in great condition. And oh yea, they were the real deal. Thank you!

  70. Experience:

    One more note. They came so fast I couldnt believe it

  71. Experience: Neutral

    I have to come out with those who question the authenticity of the cigars from I’ve order from them for years (yes, they have been good on hype and deliveries, etc., but…) and am now are working through my humidor (I store them properly), especially of my Montes #4 and #2. Every one of the latter do not draw or taste or smell like they used to. Some of my Partagas are good, many are not. If they are all authentic, then the quality has deteriorated. My suspicion? They mix some good with bad or fakes and it keeps you going. I give up. I’ve been finding some great Nicaraguans and they are all consistently excellent smokes in all respects. I’m not going to throw out any more money on either fakes or inferior Cubans.

  72. Experience:

    I bought an aged box of 1999 Sancho Panza Sanchos, smoked 4 of them and they were all dogs.
    Couldnt draw anything from them.
    He responded by insulting me with maybe i shouldnt smoke vintage cigars.
    I won’t be buying from them anymore.

  73. Canadian_Customer says:


    Terrific service. Packaging was amazing. No need for humidification since the cigars are shrinkwrapped. They are shipped and arrival to me in Canada was very quick. The cigars were actually fine to smoke immediately. I was lucky and didn’t even pay Duties/Taxes although that maybe just the luck of the draw. I wouldn’t order from anywhere else seeing as how great everything was.

  74. Experience:

    bought a 5 pack of trinidad just to try out site recieved no problem to us

  75. Experience:

    Unfortunately I have to confirm much of what is written here about Top Cubans. I have been buying regularly from their site for about ten years. Initially I found their products and service to be impeccable. As time went on I started getting a bad box once in every three or four orders. “Bad” meaning questionable construction accompanied by either poor taste and/or poor burn and/or poor draw. Complaints were dismissed with an air of arrogance, and typically a refrain that the cigars just needed to age. In the past 18 months or so, the quality has deteriorated further. I am convinced that, as suggested by other posters, Top Cubans uses a “bait and switch” routine, whereby they start you off on good product and then gradually work in counterfeit merchandise in order to maximize their profit. Their authentic product is good, so I wish they would just charge more for it and make an honest buck rather than putting us through the wasted time, energy, money and lost occasions for lighting up a good havana. We all know what the genuine article looks like, feels like, tastes like and burns like. And, the manufacturers of the top brands like Montecristo, Bolivar, Romeo and Julietta, Cohiba make the product we are looking for. Clearly, something is going on at Top Cubans. I have decided to try Cigars-of-Cuba and like Top Cubans, the first few orders are going great.

  76. Experience:

    3rd order – this time to UK. Great packaging and discrete. Not smoked any of the small Cuban packs, but will update. all looks in order.

  77. Ski-n-Stog says:


    I have too weigh in here..I’m not the world’s most sophisticated cigar smoker but TopCubans seem to deliver fun sticks for a reasonable cost. I’ve lost just one order out of ten and they promptly sent me a replacement shipment no questions asked. As far as the authenticity goes, I believe they are real but most are extremely young. I have bought a box of San Cristobal El Morro’s that are ten years old and have noticed better draw and that aged cigar flavor. I think a lot of the problems are from Habanos SA and not necessarily the dealers.

  78. Experience:

    I live in the UK and have placed 2 separate orders for my own consumption with Topcubans so far (on a range of cigars). Both have arrived within a few days and were well packaged. Quite frankly in my experience at least they have proved an excellent and reliable company to deal with and everything seems to be above board. Needless to say that the cigars are the genuine article and David seems to respond to my emails quite promptly. The best thing about Topcubans, however, is that you are not forced to purchase full boxes of cigars and can buy what you like in whatever quantity you like, even a single stick if you wish to do so, though of course you can purchase fully sealed boxes too. The shipping cost is also very reasonable. 5 out of 5 stars and definitely recommended. Keep up the good work guys!

  79. Experience: Neutral

    My box of Partagas Series D no.4 n Vegas Robaina.
    half of it genuine, the rest terrible ( low grades fake)

  80. Experience:

    Update on my small packs order. Siglo I and Hoyo Petit Robustos were excellent. Monte No #5 variable.

  81. Experience:

    Still scamming people by advertising very very low prices on deals to collect payments and information.
    Sleeping on your order and money for weeks they keep asking you for further delivery details and find excuses, then they either explain that the cigars are no longer available to eventually refund you.
    The cigars were certainly not available at that price in the first place and they enjoyed your money in the mean time.!!!

  82. Experience:

    I have ordered from topcubans since returning from a trip to Cuba. Having smoked many cigars of different marcas there I can assure you, the cigars from topcubans are the genuine article. Orders were processed quickly with constant communication. Cigars arrived fresh, packed perfectly and vacuum sealed. My strong feeling is that these cigars smoked better than the ones in Cuba due to care in storage and selection. I did have an order that never arrived after about
    one month of the order date (through no fault of topcubans). I contacted David regarding this problem, and he promptly resent the order by FedEx, emailing me a tracking number. The cigars arrived in perfect condition within several days.

    Yes, there are cheaper websites, especially the ones from Hong Kong, but the service, selection, ease of ordering and quality of the cigars cannot compare to topcubans (Remeber it’s the Swiss, along with the British who get the best cigars from Cuba, and due to taxes and exchange rates, British vendors cannot compete with the Swiss). Bravo TopCubans and thank you once again!

  83. Experience:

    Bought and received 1/2box of Trinidad Robustos 2006. TC packaged them the way that I wanted, by sticking them in a Honduran box and sending the labels under a separate post to lessen the risk of confiscation. Order arrived in a timely manner, except there were some things that I had ordered and paid for, that were left out. I emailed the company after a couple of weeks passed, and they said they would replace. That was 2 months ago— and no dice.

    The smokes were fine, but the attention to someone who just spent a load of cash with them was definitely lacking. When they wouldn’t respond to my last inquiry as to where the items were that were left off, I gave up. Never again. I’m done.

  84. Experience:

    I have had several orders from these guys and can only say that the service has been spot-on and the cigars all authentic.

    They are more expensive than some other places, but in their favour they also sell singles, which a lot don’t, and they also have boxes that I’ve been looking for when noone else had them.

    I say they are authentic because most of them came with barcodes which I checked. A couple have come with barcodes removed but on checking the almost microscopic serial numbers on the label, they also checked out. One box of Monte 2s came with barcode removed and microscopic numbers scratched out, so i can only assume this was “grey market” supply. At that time it was very hard to get Monte 2s anywhere. However, they looked, smelt and smoked like the genuine article, of which I’ve had many, so I’ve no concerns there.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending them. If you’re worried, do what I do for any of these sites on first purchase – make a small order and see what you think.

    Happy smoking to all, regardless of what you buy and where you buy them!

  85. Experience:

    Have bought cigars from these guys for a number of years they get them shipped to me here in Australia usually within 7 Days product is Great Monte Number 3 . they have never let me down

  86. Experience:

    Have nothing but good things to say about top Cubans. I have been doing business with them for over a year and everything is always top quality. You may pay a little more but you are assured of what you are getting. Customer service is a little slow in terms of e-mails but that has to do with us being nervous first couple of times. You place your order, you get an email with your order for which you need to confirm, once that’s done your order is prepared and shipped. I never ever had a problem. I highly recommend them based on my history with them.

  87. Experience:

    I have sent two emails before making an order for over $300 dollars and have NOT had a reply. This makes me apprehensive on this retailer; that if there is a problem they would respond and/or help you with the problem.

    I gave up on them.

  88. Mr.Bugg says:


    Ordered a box of H.Upmann half coronas. They arrived within 4 days of my placing and funding the order.

  89. Experience:

    I don’t purchase many cuban cigars because I’m not a daily and sometimes not even a monthly smoker. I bought my first order of cubans from David and Richard several years ago and they were great in all respects. I then started shopping around for a lower price and with that I got lower quality cigars.
    My recent order from TopCubans as flawless. I received my order in 5 days perfectly sealed and cigars, by all metrics, appear authentic. I haven’t had one yet as I let them rest for a time after shipping but I will get back with a smoke report in a few days. I will definitely shop with them again in the future.

  90. Experience:

    Ordered several times from David and all has been totally positive so far. I have ordered singles, 5ers, and boxes. All arrive shrink-wrapped and humidified needing to rest for a few days in the humidor for the best experience. All are original (no fakes). Remarkably fast shipping to North America. Will be sure to order from Top Cubans again.

  91. Experience:

    About 10 years of fantastic service from David. Never a problem. EVER!

  92. Experience:

    Fantastic- I have been using this site for a few years now and never had a problem- cigars are great quality and always come well packaged and on time- they also have a great selection of sample boxes. Highly recommend!

  93. Experience:

    I have bought from these guys a lot. I started buying from them a couple years ago, after I got took from the other online shops in the Bahamas. So I came in skeptical at first. I only ordered ones that I had in my humidor that I brought back from Europe that I could compare them to. Every box, band and cigar checked out. Once in awhile I would get an off size one, but that should be no surprise because they are hand rolled. I’m very please with David and Richard.

  94. Experience:

    I have been using Top Cubans for couple of years and cannot not say one negative thing about Top Cubans. Richard is stand up dude, his website is Tops and so are his Cigars. His prices are excellent and he sells singles as well. Top Cubans is my go to for Top Cuban Cigars.

  95. Experience: Neutral

    These guys are awesome! Ordered several times from them and nothing but top notch service. The cigars are always perfect and the packaging is spot on. Will continue to make Top Cubans my go to.

  96. Experience:

    Ordered 400 worth of cuban cigars from this website. I lived in Cuba for several decades and I can say DON’T BUY FROM THIS SELLER..BUNDLES IN FAKE CIGARS WITH REAL ONES. I know all the brands in Cuba. Hint.. Any seller that sells open boxed cigars telling customers he has to ‘check’ each box is a scam artist.

  97. Experience:

    Topcubans sent me 100% fake cuba cigars. I ordered 5 of Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos and it wasnt even a Madruo wrapper and I have real ones to compare too and I took pictures.This is why you always order small first.Hate to see other people get ripped off when expecting some nice smokes. Stay Away from these guys. There are legit sites and always remeber the real deal isn’t cheap!

  98. Experience:



    Likely everyone on this site is reading the reviews and trying to figure out who to go to for online cigars. We all want to be treated fairly with our hard earned money and be provided with great AUTHENTIC Cuban cigars. I personally have made Cubans a huge priority and hobby in my life. Also being a sponge and using every resource to find the best and REAL source.

    We are all influenced to a degree by reviews. I drive a certain car that I love and other car companies rip it apart to win business. This review by me, a guy with no dog in the fight, though wants to chime in with my two cents Simply based on experience and giving credit where it is deserved.

    For many years and currently, cigar experts I trust say Top Cuban and David are the best on the net and also compared to many so called high-end shops that by the way charge extra for overhead and tax.

    My personal experience ordering many boxes has been that I have experienced nothing but a sincere 100% effort and follow through to provide truly authentic Cuban cigars and personal, exceptional service.

    Top Cubans and David are a (Pun intended) TOP class act one can depend on to come through. There are my two cents… Well rather 5 cents?!

  99. Experience:

    I have ordered Cubans from other sites with delivery times of 4-8 weeks. I placed my first order from Top Cubans 2 weeks ago for full boxes of Hoyo de Monterrey Epicures. Today I received both boxes with seals opened and questionable cigars inside. This is the first time I have received full boxes,from any supplier, that seals were not fully intact. I will go back to my other supplier and put up with the wait time. In addition, no tracking information was provided even after I requested. The other supplier, while slower, always provides tracking info. The opened boxes are a deal breaker for me. Order at your own risk.

  100. Experience: Neutral

    I ordered a 5 pack aged Cohiba lancero from 2009 for $156 and 3 pack aged H.Upmann Magnum 48 from 2008 for $54. I should have known “eight” year old cigars should cost more than that. I received the package after a week. The cigars were well packaged and vacuum sealed. They look very authentic. My problem is… The small white sticker on each box shows the year of production 08 and 09 is printed on each sticker. The stickers sit next and on top of what looks like a previous sticker that was clearly torn off. Did they have say year 2014 production and they’re passing it as 2008 and 2009??? What am I supposed to think? Also, The stickers are oddly “very clean white” and the printing is dark black. Really, they look like new stickers. I have a 3 pack RyJ from 2008 that I bought recently and the sticker had turned slightly yellow and the black ink was fading. I wish TC can explain this issue. Otherwise, I’m calling them Scam.

    See pictures:

  101. Experience: Neutral

    Ordered a box of Bolivars from them, which came packaged with no cardboard outside or humidity pack but was heavily bubble wrapped and the cedar chest was vacuum packed so I could tell it was the best that could be done shipping internationally. I was able to validate the cigars as authentic Habanos, but because of their inventory management they put a barcode of their own right over the barcode on the green and holographic Habano verification sticker. The sticker is highly fragile on purpose so it can’t be taken off the authentic box, but by peeling off their inventory barcode and reading the mirrored validation numbers on the back I managed to verify the box. The Petite Coronas tasted great out of the box so no worries there, and although I had to peel part of the authenticity sticker off I still have enough evidence to say the box is real. Pretty much no way to change that on their end if they’ve already done that to all their boxes, yeesh.

  102. Rosy Longu says:

    Experience: Neutral

    I order a box of cigars for Christmas
    Which it meant to be a surprise gift
    They came sealed unchecked and MOULDY
    I’ve been sending emails pictures etc… to David
    No reply
    I had no reply no concern no refund or replacement
    The worse product and service ever

  103. Experience:

    Top Cuban are tops. Been ordering for from David over 2 years now. Just received my order always stellar. I order crom Ontraio Canada and want to let my fellow Canadians you have no worries. Remember order can take anywhere from 10-18 days tops from date shipped. Dont panic, order is on its way. No need to send countless emails. You can trust Top Cubans.

  104. Experience:

    What can I say, Top Cubans & David are Tops. Order from Ontario Canada and always receive my order within 3 weeks and the Cigars are top quality. Never had a problem in 2 plus years.

  105. Experience:

    This is response for Rosy Longu. If I were Top Cubans I wouldnt waste time with you either. You got a sealed box and now complain box was unchecked and cigars moldy. Well, i can bet my life on it that cigars are not mouldy but have plume. This is normal and in fact expected in a sealed box. I have been dealing with Top Cubans for over two plus years. I never had a complain ever. I am from Ontario Canada. Once order did not arrive due to customs. After 24 days order re-shipped and received express within a week. Top Cubans is a legitimate online Vendor and Cigars are Top Quality. You may pay few buck more than other online vendors but you receieve Grade A cigars. And yes they may sometimes have plume that resembles mould but it is nothing to worry about. Top Cuban are Tops and David a Solid Dude, period.

  106. JOHN BLUMER says:


    Just received my very first order from David at Top Cubans today (04/11/17). After reading a few negative reviews, I wondered about the authenticity of my smokes. Went to the Habanos s.a. site to verify. As several have mentioned, TC’s cataloging stickers cover the Habanos barcode. But by gentle persistence, I was able to uncover the barcode–and its tracking numbers located directly underneath. Plugged in the info to the Habanos site….and…..according to the system’s response….THEY ARE LEGIT! Whew!
    (PS. I have photos that I took at every step of this process and would be happy to share.)

  107. Adnan ahmed says:


    I have ordered some cigars from topcubans for delivery to Uk and was expecting a confirmation email the next day but still haven’t received. i ordered on Saturday and now it’s end of Monday hmm. I wonder what’s going on

  108. Experience:

    Last few orders were PERFECT.

    behikes / sir winnies

    I did a thorough inspection and ALL were completely legit.

    Its easy to do when you already have some of what you ordered from a different source.

  109. Experience:

    Just received a pack of Cohiba Robustos and a box of Partagas Mille Fleurs, I can confirm that the cigars are legit. They arrived in perfect condition in their boxes and are packaged vacuum sealed.

    The only thing I am unsure of is why the boxes had been opened before sending..

    Ordering from UK, parcel arrived approximately 6 working days later.

    Communication with David @ TopCubans has been good this far.

  110. Experience: Neutral

    I received my cigars about 5 working days which is not bad but be prepared to pay the duty as they sent them in a box with a custom declaration label on.
    One box of my Romeo Y Julieta cigars are dried, tobacco leaf is peeling off and some are cracked, also one of the Partagas E2 is so soft in the middle which I have never seen any cigars like this.
    I was advised to keep the dried cigars in the humidor for few weeks, somehow I don’t think it will work because they are cracked and leaf are peeling off.

    Lets hope this is one off.

  111. Experience: Neutral

    The boxes are opened for inspection by the retailers (I.e. to ensure authenticity and quality.

  112. Experience: Neutral

    I use service is great,cigars are also.
    If you want the customs charge to be more agreeable,at the checkout there is a comments box where you can ask Topcubans to enter on their mailing label only the tobacco weight. I have been adding this comment recently and found the charge is about what it should be,I.e. around 65-70 pounds for 25 H Upmann half coronas

  113. Kenneth Clark says:


    Having purchased cigars from many online retailers (and from stores all around the world) I have found Top Cubans to have, not only a great selection, but the best customer service I have ever received in any store. They have a customer for life in me, and I recommend them to any who wish to try cigars for the first time, or even an old hand like myself. Checkout the very accurate descriptions of each of the cigars. I know you will find something that will please you right down to your toes.

  114. Experience:

    I’ve ordered numerous boxes…a bit higher prices than other vendors, but sticks are great and deliverey is fantastic..For someone inpatient like me, there 5-6 day delivery is amazing… I live in Los Angeles..

  115. grapastaids says:

    Experience: Neutral

    Hello. And Bye.

  116. Experience:

    The shipping is fast, I ordered whole boxes, and although the boxes are opened the contents and certificates look legit based on prior purchases in Europe and Canada.
    The first order was:
    ROMEO Y JULIETA Mille Fleurs(Box of 25) issue is draw is hard and suspect the cigars are too young to smoke out of the box.
    Second order was:
    JUAN LOPEZ Selección No. 1(Box of 25) fine cigar no issues

  117. Experience:

    I ordered a half box of Monte #4 and Partagas D #4 as a test from Top Cubans. The shipment was received within the time frame they promised and the cigars were properly humidified after their long journey.

    Unfortunately approximately 50% of the cigars in each box were unsmokable (too tightly rolled / plugged). I am assuming that these were authentic cigars and I simply suffered what many used to consider a common problem with Cuban cigars….quality control is terrible. It is worth noting that the bar code on the bottom of the warranty seal that is placed on the box was obscured by another sticker so i could not verify authenticity through the Habanos. .

    I sent their customer service a note regarding my experience and asked if any other numbers on the boxes could be used to verify it’s authenticity but did not get a response back. I also asked their customer service if certain vitolas are more poorly constructed than others, but did not get any response back. I will not be ordering more cigars from Top Cubans.

  118. Experience:

    I forgot to mention that the person I contacted at Top Cubans was named David.

  119. Experience: Neutral

    UPDATE: may 2

    I received a very considerate response from David at Top Cubans verifying the authenticity of my order and explaining the situation. It seems I was just very unlucky. I will try to order from them again and post my experience with the cigars.

  120. Experience:

    I just received an additional box of Monte#2 from Top Cubans and the cigars are flawless. Perfect amazing cigars. I highly recommend this retailer! David is a very honorable man.

  121. Experience: Neutral

    Have ordered a few times from David. My experience has been nothing but excellent. Cigars are always top quality and not leftover clearance boxes that the other places sell you. The stock that they won’t sell to there customer’s is what other places purchase and sell for cheaper.

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