Padrón 1926 Serie 80 Years Maduro

Padron 1926 80 years

PadronOrigin : Nicaragua
Format : Perfecto
Size : 6 ¾ x 54
Wrapper : Nicaragua
Filler : Nicaragua
Binder : Nicaragua
Price : $32.00 each

To commemorate José O. Padrón’s 80th birthday, the Padrón family released its first ever perfecto, the 1926 Serie 80 Years. With production being limited to 40,000 units per year the 80 years cigars are available in boxes of eight with choice of natural or maduro wrappers. Along with the unique shape and specially aged Nicaraguan tobacco comes a hefty price tag (+$30). For most of us this is certainly not “in the budget” however every now and then it’s nice to step out and splurge a little (just don’t let the Mrs. find out).

Padron 1926 80 years

The Padrón 80 Years maduro had a lovely box pressed perfecto shape that I absolutely enjoyed. The wrapper was a gorgeous dark brown with a couple of rough veins running throughout. The tip of the cigar was well done with a nice even point. The first band was similar to the rest of the 1926 Series with a very detailed elegant finish and the second band identified the cigar as the 80 Years. The smell gave hints of sweet berries and earth with a firm cold draw reassuring the earthy notes.

Pre-light score: 9 pts.

The first third of my Padrón 80 Years had a tighter draw than most Padróns I’ve smoked however it was still smokeable. Upon getting the cigar lit up I was hit with immediate tastes of pepper, earth, and wood with the spiciness of the pepper being the dominant flavor. The 80 Years was certainly starting as a full-bodied monster. Ash was a salt and pepper mix with a nice full white smoke giving way to a creamy aroma.

Padron 1926 80 years

Into the second third, the cigar backed down just a touch in the strength and flavor profiles however was still full bodied. The burn remained fantastic with the draw finally opening up to what I’m used to with the Padrón brand. Flavors near the end of the second third started to become smoother with coffee and nutty notes being the initial flavors. An earthy undertone could also still be found heading into the final third.

The final third of my Padrón 80 Years maduro carried a powerful nicotine punch and turned from smooth coffee to heavy leather and earth flavors. If there were any doubts about the cigar being full bodied this certainly cleared matters up. In fact the Padrón 80 Years was on a fine line of being too powerful for my liking however never crossed into the extreme. The cigar ended with bittersweet leathery notes that made for a long aftertaste on my palate.

Smoking score: 8 pts.

Padron 1926 80 years

So was the $30 worth it?… probably not. The cigar took me 95 minutes to smoke, which is typically longer than normal for a cigar this size. I had to pace myself due to the strength and complexity this stick was showing. It is indeed a very good cigar however I just can’t justify paying this much money for the experience I received. There are plenty of other cigars that offer the same “flavor profile” and package for half the buck. In fact, some of those are other Padróns.

Overall Experience score: 7 pts.

Padrón 1926 Serie 80 Years Maduro Rating

Pre-Light: 9 pts.
Smoking: 8 pts.
Overall Experience: 7 pts.

TOTAL: 24 pts.