Date: August 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Zino adds more accessories to -Z- Collection. Last year, Oettinger Davidoff launched the -Z- Collection accessories for the Zino brand. And now more lighters, punches, ashtrays, and humidors are added to the line-up. All with vibrant accent colors to add a contemporary offer. These new accessories are perfect for the costumers that look for stylish accessories.

Lighters and punches

Two new lighters are added to the Z- Collection. The ZS and the ZM lighters. The slick lighters have the same design, the ZM is just larger than the ZS. The flat rectangular lighters are single flame with the ignition on the side. The new colors are beige with a red accent, black with a mint accent, or gray with a cyan accent.

The Z9 Punch cutter is a cutter with a 9.9mm blade. The punches are compact, easy to carry around, and due to the keyring easy to carry around with your keys. The new Z9 Punch Cutters are available in the same color options as the new ZS and ZM lighters.

Ashtrays and humidors

The same three color combinations are returning for the big, ceramic, ashtrays. The round ashtrays have notches for three cigars and a bowl big enough for the ash of those three cigars.

The two new humidors do not come in the color combinations used for the lighters, punches, and ashtrays. Zino is releasing two new Z60 humidors but in classic colors. The decision was made so that the humidors will fit all modern environments. Made out of African Okoume wood, it creates an odorless environment for cigars to rest. Depending on the size of the cigars, 60 will fit in the humidor. It comes with the Zino slim self-regulation humidification system. 


The new -Z- Collection additions are available from October at select tobacco retail outlets, select Davidoff Appointed Merchants, “Davidoff of Geneva since 1911” Flagship Stores and Global Travel Retail locations. The release date may vary depending on the country.

“The new striking accessories are the perfect match for modern aficionados looking for stylish and contemporary accessories at a great value proposition”, says Edward Simon, Chief Marketing Officer of Oettinger Davidoff AG. 

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