Date: October 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Worldwide sightings of Ramon Allones Allones No. 2. The 2019 Habanos limited edition is popping up in several countries. The 5 ½ x52 Belicoso is part of the 2019 Limited Edition program. The other two cigars for the 2019 Limited Edition program started distributing this summer. The presentation of the Ramon Allones Allones No.2 took place in the United Kingdom this summer.

Ministry of Cigars - Worldwide sightings of Ramon Allones Allones No. 2

Annual limited editions

Each year, Habanos releases three limited editions. For 2019 Habanos choose this Ramon Allones Allones No.2, Montecristo Supremos, and Quai d’Orsay Senadores. The other two limited editions became available earlier this year. Usually, the limited editions arrive in cigar shops worldwide in the fall. Worldwide excluding the United States that is due to the Cuban embargo that’s been in place since the early 1960s. In the last few years, Habanos is falling behind on the release of limited editions and regional editions. It’s not unusual to see a release pop up late. At least one or sometimes even three years after they are supposed to appear. 

As mentioned, usually Habanos releases three limited editions per year. But 2020 isn’t a normal year. The Covid-19 pandemic changes the landscape. For now, only one limited edition for 2020 is known. That is the Partagas Legado. The Partagas Legado is a 6 ¼ x48 size cigar. When these cigars will launch is a big mystery so far. If Habanos will announce two more limited editions is unclear. But at least there are worldwide sightings of Ramon Allones Allones No. 2.

2 thoughts on “Worldwide sightings of Ramon Allones Allones No. 2

  1. Nice Cigars and special edition limit 2013(if I’m correct) but special for The Netherlands and band, color wrapper, for me Torpedo figurado vitola makes it new to me.

    1. Limited Edition 2020, not exclusive to The Netherlands

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