Date: December 2019
Author: Inspector Z

World record slow smoking. For the last decade, Croatian entrepreneur and brother of the leaf Marko Bilic has been organizing the Cigar Smoking World Championship. And during that time, the event grew exponentially. From just a small event, it’s now a worldwide competition with qualifier tournaments all over the globe. From Europe to South America, from Asia to the United States. And the grand finale in Croatia is one of the biggest consumer-based cigar events in the world.

2020 competition

Bilic and his team of sponsors are working hard on finalizing the competition for next year. Together with local partners in each country, they are finalizing the dates and locations for the qualifying tournaments. No dates have been officially confirmed yet. However, it is expected that the South East Asian qualifying tournaments will take place in March and April, just like last year. Local partners

In the last decade, the competition cigar has been the Montecristo #4 and the Macanudo Inspiration Mareva. But for the next few years, Rocky Patel will be the supplier of the competition cigars. Patel has created a special blend, and packaging, for the competition. The size won’t change, it will still be a 5⅛x42 Mareva just like the previous competition cigars.

The world record

After a decade of competitions, it’s amazing to see how long people can make a Mareva last. The world record, in the hands of Swedish tiger Igor Kovacic, is 7 minuted and 5 seconds short of 4 hours. Another noticeable thing in the top 20 is the presence of so many Russian and Polish cigar smokers. 

Ministry of Cigars - World record slow smoking

Keep an eye out for the 2020 qualifiers. we entered the competition in 2019 at the Kuala Lumpur qualifier. And we had our serious prejudice, as we felt and feel that cigar smoking isn’t something to compete over. But after the competition, we did change our minds. Not about competition, but about the fun that the competition is creating. It’s a worldwide brotherhood. As soon as competition dates are confirmed, we will publish them.


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