Date: December 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Weekly news week 52 2019. The week started with our visit to Royal Agio Cigars last September. We visited the headquarters in The Netherlands and their production facility in Belgium. That’s where Royal Agio produces millions of machine-made dry-cured short filler cigars. We smoked a fresh Royal Agio Gouden Oogst straight from the machine. This week we also reviewed a special Christmas cigar from Royal Danish Cigars. And the Mare Nostrum by El Viejo Continente.

Ministry of Cigars - El Viejo Continente Mare Nostrum

The News

Ever since Drew Estate started their Cigar Safari program, cigar tourism has become a staple. But due to civil unrest and protests against President Daniel Ortega, the program was halted for two years. Not that Nicaragua calmed down, Drew Estate is rebooting the program again. Only a few Cigar safaris will take place in 2020 and they are already sold out. But there are still spots available for Antigua Esteli’s cigar trip to Esteli. And before you get on a plane to Nicaragua, download the Smoke Dreams book by Julius Caesar Newman. That book is now available on Google Books for free.

Kafie Cigars is expanding its international presence even further. The Honduran cigar manufacturer agreed with the South East Asian cigar distributor Cigar Emperor. The cigars from Tabacalera Kafie are now available in Thailand. El Viejo Continente will soon be available in the United Kingdom. Mike Choi’s Boutique Smokes will be the exclusive distributor for the Nicaraguan cigar brand. Jas Sum Kral will be showcasing two upcoming releases at the TPE show in January. And Condega launched a new website.

Exclusive Henk Maori humidor

The German luxury brand Henk, known for its luxurious suitcases, launched a new website. Now all their cigar accessories, which include the Cigarbone and a whole range of other travel humidors, are available via their website. Henk also teamed up with another top-notch German company, Marc Andre. Marc Andre is one of the best humidor makers in the world. Together the two companies created a versatile Henk Maori humidor, which is extremely limited in production.

And for unique ashtrays visit the Belgian stores of La Casa del Tabaco. They launched their own line of ceramic ashtrays. All hand-made in Belgium and hand-painted.

Ministry of Cigars - Weekly news week 52


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