November 2020

Weekly news week 47 2020. Counterfeit Cuban cigars are becoming a larger problem for Habanos. And a cigar merchant who deals with Habanos collectors for vintage cigars got in touch with us about a shipment of high-quality Counterfeit Cuban cigars. From Cohiba Siglo VI to Behike. From Cohiba 1966 to Trinidad and even H. Upmann Magnum 56 Edicion Limitada 2015. That inspires us for a series of articles on how to spot Counterfeit Cuban cigars. Part one of the series was published on Sunday, but there are more episodes to follow. The finale will be an episode of The Philip & Ferdy Cigar Show where we smoke the fakes.


The two reviews of this week are both from the Dominican Republic. The San Pedro de Macoris Sun Grown Corona from Royal Agio, although now it is a cigar from Scandinavian Tobacco Group. But the cigar review is still from the time when Royal Agio was a family-owned company. The second cigar is the Casa Cuevas Maduro Toro, a gift from Canteros, New Zealand’s only importer and distributor of New World Cigars. 

News this week

The last few weeks were busy weeks when it comes to cigar news. This week was a little slow but with a strong finale. With bad news about a second hurricane hitting Nicaragua and Honduras this month. But from the looks of it, both hurricane Eta, as well as hurricane Iota, spared the tobacco industry. Many lives were lost though, houses destroyed and people displaced. A tragedy for the people of Nicaragua and Honduras that are already struggling. Marcel Michels joins J. Cortes after a 25-year long career at Royal Agio. Danny Vazquez left RoMa Craft recently and is rebooting his Baracoa Cigar Company. The Voyage 2.0 is coming soon, from a new factory. 

The luxury brand HENK is releasing two more Edicion Limitada cigars this month. Last week the Henk Maori Gaudini made the news, this week it’s the Gaudi and the Willy. Arnold Andre is releasing another mini in Germany. Asia is seeing new accessories. Culebra is a collaboration between an Asian cigar enthusiast and Spanish leather makers. And Daniel Marshall is making 10 unique humidors with 50-year-old tobacco stakes for Florida Sun Grown. Casdagli Cigars and Club Mareva are releasing the Casdagli Mareva Spalato No 2.


There is some news from Cuba this week. The Jose Marti International Airport opens again. Tourists are allowed back to Cuba, with testing done on arrival. This might mean that the Habanos Festival can take place. It would mean a lot for Habanos as the 55th birthday of Cohiba is on the roster. That is a big moment for Cuba’s most prestigious brand. The distributor for the Middle East and Continental Africa has a busy week as well. Phoenicia opens a Habanos Specialist in Cote d’ Ivoire. And it posts a timeline with all the new specialties and La Casa del Habano exclusives on their website. 

Ministry of Cigars - Weekly news week 47

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