October 2020

Weekly news week 43 2020. Somehow there is a lot of confusion about cigar lighters. Some swear by 4 pit jet flames, others use cedar spills. And there is a growing group of cigar smokers that claim that using a Bic lighter is a disgrace. In almost every FaceBook cigar group, the topic shows up. These people confuse butane with jet flames and gasoline lighters with soft flames. They are wrong. Not all soft flames are gasoline lighters. Your regular convenience store Bic lighter uses the same butane as your expensive torch. We wrote about different styles of lighters in the Big Lighter Debate.

Ministry of Cigars -Big lighter debate
Photo Credit Mohd Jon Ramlan


The two reviews of this week are from Nicaragua and Honduras. And both have ties to history. The Oscar Superfly Maduro is inspired by the 1970s funk, by the blaxploitation movies such as Shaft. Think groovy music, bright colors, fur coats, and low-riders. Groovy baby. The other review is the RoMa Craft Neanderthal SGP. The inspiration from this cigar is even older. Neanderthals inspire this line from RoMa Craft. That makes us wonder, did Neanderthals smoke anything?

Oliva Cigars is officially entering New Zealand. The only distributor of New World cigars in the country is Canteros. And while Canteros is already selling Oliva, he is buying them from wholesalers. But now Canteros and Oliva Cigars are distribution partners. The first shipment is arriving soon. Asylum Cigars is releasing a 4×48 version of their core line. This cigar is for the colder winter months. The name is Asylum twenty-minute Tom. PDR claims that 20.000 aged cigars were found while cleaning up the warehouse. According to the story, these cigars are from an order from a European company back in 2014. The company went out of business. The cigars are now going to the American market. Arturo Fuente and Prometheus are releasing their annual limited editions for charity.

Other news

Cigar enthusiasts in Norway are happy again. Just like last week. Nordic Cigars is broadening its portfolio again. La Flor Dominicana is updating the packaging of the Carajos. The wooden packs are replaced by tins. And when it comes to packaging, the Dutch have bad news. Plain packaging is heading towards the lowlands. At least the Dutch can enjoy colors on their accessories. Like the new colors of the Stinky ashtrays. And they can also enjoy the animated Upsetters series from Foundation on YouTube. And the heirs of Ramón Rodriguez Gutiérrez sue Habanos. They are looking for compensation. The Cuban government confiscated the family cigar factory in 1961. That’s the H.Upmann factory. Under Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, they can now sue Habanos. And they take that opportunity. That was the weekly news week 43 2020.

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