Date: October 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Weekly news week 42 2020. Not all heroes wear capes. Some heroes wear uniforms. Military uniforms. And they keep the peace or fight for freedom and safety in places far from home. Cigars have a long-standing tradition within the American military. Yet, up until 2012, armed forces relied on family and friends to get them cigars. Cigars for Warriors change that. For 8 years they are providing armed forces in combat zones with cigars, coffee, magazines, and other morale boosters. We give Cigars for Warriors the spotlight that the organization deserves in our series of cigar charities.

Reviews and Habanos

The two reviews of this week are from Nicaragua and Cuba. The Nicaraguan cigar is the Mombacho Liga Maestro Gordo. A Nicaraguan Puro from Granada and not from the cigar capital of the world, Esteli. The second cigar is a Cuban puro. It’s the Partagas Serie P No.2. A torpedo from Habanos.

And talking about Habanos. There is a lot of news about Cuban cigars this week. Firstly Habanos releases the Trinidad Robusto Extra. They bring this discontinued vitola back as a limited-edition. But not for regular tobacconists. Habanos made 10.000 travel humidors with 14 cigars each for the Duty-free and travel markets. The Habanos distributor for the Asia Pacific region, Pacific Cigar Company is releasing three jars. Jars to commemorate 60 years of diplomatic relations between Cuba and three other countries. Those are China, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The irony is that all these regimes have their roots in communism and/or socialism. Yet creating limited edition jars with inflated prices, can it get more capitalist? But that’s not all the jar news from Habanos this week. An extremely limited edition jar with vintage cigars is available in Russia. Limited to 80 pieces only, it draws inspiration from modern Russian art.

Fuente and new cigars

Habanos isn’t the only company that made the our headlines trice this week. Arturo Fuente did as well. First with a new release. The Fuente Rare Pink draws inspiration from the fight against breast cancer. Liana Fuente is passionate about this cause. Her passion is the reason why her father Carlito decided to create these cigars and raise funds for research. Last week Fuente and Padron broke the internet with the cigar news of the decade. A collaboration between the flagship brands of their respective countries. Padron is paying tribute to Carlos Fuente Sr. Fuente is doing the same for Jose Orlando Padron. In a Vodcast, Jorge Padron and Carlito Fuente talked about the project. In a zoom with Carlito Fuente, we asked about the Fuente factory in Nicaragua. The social unrest and covid-19 may delay the construction, but the project is moving forward. 

Covid-19 is causing a lot of uncertainty. The world is very unpredictable now. For that reason, the Nicaraguan Tobacco Association is canceling the Puro Sabor Festival 2021. Joya de Nicaragua is introducing a limited edition of Cinco Decadas for Europe. The El Embargo is a 6×60 Gordo. It premiers at Cigaragua in Amsterdam. Foundation Cigars is releasing two perfectos for the Tabernacle line. The cigars are biblically themed. The names are David & Goliath. The Alec Bradley Project 40 is such a success that a follow-up is no surprise. The follow-up is a Maduro wrapped version of the cigar. La Palina is releasing a three vitola line under the name La Palina Silver

Other news

The Norwegian cigar enthusiasts are happy with the arrival of many new cigars. Distributor Nordic Cigar is adding new cigars from Principle, La Galera, El Artista, and Cavalier Geneve. The Light ‘em Up lounge is a weekly virtual herf. It all started in the early days of covid-19. And now it’s expanding to a virtual platform for trade shows, masterclasses, interviews, and more. The weirdest news, and the one that causes most outrage, comes from Facebook. Because four people are starting a federal lawsuit against the social media giant Facebook is taking militia groups offline. In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs demand that Facebook stops offering a platform to hate-groups. Facebook removes the very active New England Cigar Militia group. A group that is all about cigars, not about fighting the government. But it has the word militia in its name, so Facebook removed it. It’s ridiculous.

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