Date: October 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Weekly news week 41 2020. The cigar industry is an industry full of tradition. Full of people that influenced the industry in one way or another. Some of those people are unsung heroes. Others receive the recognition they deserve. Others are forgotten. We need to pay respect to these people, past and present. That’s why we are publishing a tribute to an industry legend every first Sunday of the month. This month Benji Menendez is the industry legend that gets a well-deserved spotlight. And in true Benji style, he says “I am not a legend, all those unnamed workers on the fields and in the factories, they are the industry legends.”


The two reviews of this week are both Nicaraguan cigars. One from Hiram & Solomon. The Veiled Prophet Monarch and the brand new My Father Fonseca Robusto. That last cigar is exclusive for the American and Dominican market. Copyrights prevent My Father Cigars to release the cigars internationally. Habanos owns the rights to the Fonseca name anywhere but in the United States and the Dominican Republic. My Father Cigars recently acquired the Fonseca brand from the Quesada family.

The news this week is mainly international. Viva la Vida is going international. The cigar brand from former Cigar Inn owners Billy and Gus Fakih is available through the distribution network of A.J. Fernandez Cigars. ACE Prime and Tabacalera Pichardo cigars are coming to Germany. Dalay Zigarren is the distributor for Germany. It’s the first international account for the young brand. Casa Turrent releases its Casa Turrent 1880 cigars in the United Kingdom. All four blends are available for British tobacconists. The annual Filthy Hooligans are on presale in Switzerland. The Saint Patrick Day’s cigars are coming and will be released in March. Both the two-tone Filthy Hooligan as the three colored Shamrock. Carlito Fuente pays his respect to Jose Padron, in return, Jorge Padron pays respect to Carlos Fuente. Can it get any more iconic?

Ministry of Cigars - Hooligans in the alps

Other news

The Swiss company Villiger is a powerhouse in the cigar industry. The company wants more females in high positions and promotes Ms. Assya Zouzi to the position of Product Management Handmade Cigars. Oscar Valladares lost it’s German distribution last week. Yet in no time OV Cigars Europe emerges, with a former sales representative of his previous distributor as the General Manager. Author Nick Hammond, who writes about cigars often, creates a cigar gin. The Malaysian cigar and whisky lounge The Cabinet opens after renovation. And Dapper cigar releases a new cigar that was in development for years. Antigua Esteli changes its name for the American market. And that’s the weekly news for week 41 of 2020.

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