Date: January 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Weekly news week 4 2020. The cigar industry was in shock two weeks ago, when the four biggest cigar companies declared that they would not be at the 2020 PCA trade show. The show is formerly known as IPCPR. Other companies quickly replied that they would be supporting the PCA. Retailers chimed in, some in support others siding against the PCA. As we are not an American based cigar media outlet, we don’t know all the ins and outs. But judging from afar, we wrote an article with some recommendations. 


This week, there were a few more reviews than usual. Where we keep it to two reviews a week, one on Monday and one on Friday, this week is different. It’s Chinese New Year. And several companies have released a Year of the Rat cigar. So for this week, and the next, there will be several Year of the Rat reviews. The Herrera Esteli Maduro Toro Especial opened the week, but on Friday we published the Flor de Selva Year of the Rat. And today we published the Vega Fina Year of the Rat. 

We had news from Jas Sum Kral, they are launching new sizes of the Nuggs and limited edition Kralot cigars. And a few days later, more new Jas Sum Kral cigars were announced. Cavalier Geneva is releasing small batch cigars at TPE. And Villiger is releasing a Brazilian cigar at the TPE show as well. Stogie Road Cigars will be releasing a candela wrapped barber pole. Mombacho Cigars are now available in Spain. But the biggest news is My Father Cigars suing Antigua Esteli over their name. 


This week we wrote about events in The Netherlands, Germany, and Malaysia. Van Dalen Cigars is hosting three New Year Herfs, two in Rotterdam and one in Den Bosch. Zigarrenwelt in Cologne, Germany will be hosting an event where you can smoke cigars at different humidity levels. And the Cohiba Atmosphere in Kuala Lumpur is having a traditional Chinese Lo Hei event for Chinese New Year.

Ministry of Cigars - Weekly news week 4


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