September 2020

Weekly news week 39 2020. A few weeks ago, we interviewed Abe Flores from PDR/A. Flores and Flores y Rodriguez cigars. About his passion, about new cigars. The covid-19 pandemic and the problems that it gives cigar manufacturers in general and PDR cigars in particular. How to work the international markets, and his approval to move into China. Read the interview here, or watch and listen to the video of the interview.


As every week, we publish two reviews. The brand new Deadwood Tobacco Leather Rose by Drew Estate. A semi infused cigar, something we try to avoid on here, but after reading all the positive feedback, we smoked it anyway. And yesterday we published a review of a Cuban classic. The Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill by Habanos.

Ministry of Cigars - Deadwood Tobacco Leather Rose

New cigars also made the headlines. Tatuaje releases two new sizes for the Cabaiguan line. A Short Robusto with a 52 ring gauge and a Robusto Extra with a girth of 54. Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust adds two sizes. The Mi Querida Trique Traca gets a Toro and a Gordo Extra with a ring gauge of exactly an inch. Ring gauges are measures in 1/64 of an inch. So the 64 ring gauge of the Gordo Extra comes down to 64/64, resulting in a diameter of an inch. Placencia adds a box-pressed version of the Travesia to the Alma del Campo line. Lovers of the Alma del Campo can now choose between a round and a box-pressed Travesia. And from the Dominican Republic, the news came from Tabacalera El Artista this week. Two new lines, including a Buffalo TEN Natural with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, plus a rebranded and reblended Puro Ambar. The new blend and packaging are designed to speak more to the sisters of the leaf. The other new cigar is the Fugly Claro.

Other news

Habanos and S.T. Dupont collaborated on two limited edition accessory lines. One Cohiba branded line and one Behike branded line. Hiram & Solomon is entering the Lebanese cigar market. And a few Dominican brands are approved to enter the Chinese cigar market, a huge market for cigar manufacturers. But there was also some bad news. The Trump administration decided to turn back the clock on Cuban cigars, rum, and travel. In 2014 and 2016, the previous administration eased up on the restrictions, but the restrictions are now restored to old glory. Americans are not allowed to buy Cuban products anywhere in the world and bring them back to American soil. And in The Hague, an institution closed. Cigarros Adelante closes the doors after 39 years.

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