August 2020

Weekly news week 35 2020. If you are a serious cigar smoker, you will know Jose Blanco. The New York-born Dominican master blender is an industry veteran. And industry legend. We interviewed Jose Blanco. We talked about La Aurora, Joya de Nicaragua, Ernesto Perez Carrillo, and Arturo Fuente. About Cameroon tobacco, about regulations and plain packaging. And about art, specifically a large painting done by Jessi Flores.

Ministry of Cigars - JWeekly news week 35 2020


As far as reviews go, every week two new reviews are published. One on Monday, one on Friday. This week we published the Barreda O21 Toro. That’s a Nicaraguan cigar, made by Barreda Cigars. The second review is pf a Dominican cigar. Casdagli’s Traditional Gran Cafe, a lancero hailing from the Kelner Boutique Factory.

The largest online retailer in the world, Cigars International, cancels the annual CigarFest. It was postponed to October, but it’s now canceled completely. Cigar Aficionado had to make the same decision for the annual Big Smoke weekend in Las Vegas. And for the inaugural Big Smoke meets WhiskyFest Florida in Hollywood Florida. It’s a sharp contrast between Europe and Asia, where cigar events slowly start to emerge again. The first tobacco tradeshow of the year, Tobacco Plus Expo is postponed. Instead of January, it is now scheduled for May.

Ministry of Cigars - Weekly news week 35 2020

New cigars and accessories

Davidoff expands the Zino accessory line with new punches, humidors, cigar cases, and lighters. Foundation Cigars celebrates its fifth year with an El Güengüense limited edition. L’Atelier Imports is streamlining the L’Atelier lines, cutting blends, and sizes. And at the same time adding new sizes. Aging Room is adding a limited edition to the Quattro Nicaragua series.

Davtian Cigars are now available in Russia. From now until the end of the year, the cigars are introduced through events. All six Davtian lines are available in the largest country in Europe. The new limited edition from VegaFina is a Nicaraguan Puro Origen. A Nicaraguan puro in a 6×54 vitola. The cigars are available in Germany as of now. Oliva Cigars is introducing QR codes on each box of Serie V Melanio. With that code, you can pinpoint who made the cigars and more details. And there is news from Honduras. First comes a regular yet small production Culebra from Kafie 1901. And also coming from Tabacalera Kafie is the new Big Tony barber pole from Stogie Roads Cigars. It’s a dark barber pole with two Maduro wrappers.

Ministry of Cigars - Stogie Roads Cigars releases a dark barber-pole

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