May 2020

Weekly news week 21 2020. Over the last months we published a few lists of boutique brands that failed (part 1, part 2). Boutique brands that made it (part 1, part 2). And two lists of brands that we think will make it. The second list was published last Sunday.


As usual, two reviews were published. But even though there are two reviews, we reviewed three cigars. The first cigar is the Montecristo Double Edmundo. But for the second review we chose the Asylum 13 Medulla and Oblongata. Which is a science project, two cigars with the same exact blend and size. But one is box-pressed and the other is round. Would that make a huge difference, and which shape would we like best?

Ministry of Cigars - Montecristo Double Edmundo

European events and Dogmas

Each year, around Intertabac, there are many big cigar events in Europe. But due to the coronavirus pandemic it is very uncertain if Intertabac takes place. And many organizers decided to cancel their events anyway. Cigarworld in Dusseldorf canceled the annual Cigarworld Messe. Cigaragua canceled the Dutch Big Smoke. Tabakado decided not to push on with the second biggest cigar event in The Netherlands, the annual Meet & Greet. But there is some good news for The Netherlands as well. Royal Agio, the distributor for Drew Estate, has released the Undercrown Dogma as a limited edition

Honduran factories

A few Honduran factories are re-opening. El Aladino, the factory from Christian Eiroa, is starting up production again. Tabacalera Kafie/San Jeronimo opened up again while complying with government regulations. Crowned Heads announced the Four Kicks Mule Kicks Limited Edition 2020. This year, the amped-up version of the Four Kicks will be a Nicaraguan puro. Steve Saka from Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust is changing the pigtails on two Sin Compromiso. And the cigars will be wrapped in cellophane from now on.

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