Date: May 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Weekly news week 19 2020. Last September, we visited Vrijdag Premium Printing. A company that is not known by the majority of the cigar smokers, even though most have seen their products. Vrijdag Premium Printing is the leading printer of cigar bands. An impressive, 115-year-old, family-owned business in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. And we published episode 15 of The Philip & Ferdi Cigar Show.

Reviews and NewsAs usual, two reviews were published. The Joya de Nicaragua Antaño CT Robusto and a trio of cigars from Alec Bradley. The Alec Bradley Orchant Selection is made exclusively for C.Gars Ltd and Turmeaus Tobacconists in the United Kingdom. Since the three newly released sizes are small, all three were reviewed in one go. And now that we are talking about the United Kingdom, Robert Graham 1874 is hosting an online pairing. Glenturret whiskey with an A.J. Fernandez cigar.

Ministry of Cigars - Alec Bradley Twisty

Macanudo, Balmoral and more

The Netherlands is the next country where the Scandinavian Tobacco Group released the new Macanudo Inspirado Green. The new blend, which incorporates Brazilian tobacco, is available in two sizes in the Dutch Market. The well known Dutch brand Balmoral, recently acquired by the same Scandinavian Tobacco Group is being pulled off the American market. The decision includes the San Pedro de Macoris brand as well, another handmade longfiller by Royal Agio Cigars. And while we are on a Dutch streak, there is a new Dominican cigar with a large Dutch influence. Patriot Cigars is founded by a Dutch entrepreneur and the cigars are manufactured at Intercigar in the Dominican Republic. Intercigar is owned and operated by Dutchman Maurice Koks.

Malaysia, Germany, and a podcast

A shipment of Antigua Esteli cigars is waiting for transport to Malaysia. But that Antigua Esteli was coming to Malaysia isn’t news. That the shipment includes the Barreda cigars Don Chico and Cocktail is news. The Don Chico Habano and Maduro will soon be available through Puros Asia. Los Dueños Cigars, another brand made at Intercigar, is being released in Germany through Casagrande Cigars. Covid-19 delayed the release of the new Stogie Roads Cigars Sweet Grass Gringo. This barberpole is the first-ever cigar that combines Candela with Connecticut Shade tobacco to create the candy cane style look. For those who have not read Nick Hammond’s Around the world in 80 cigars, go get yourself a copy. And while you’re on your way to the bookstore, listen to his brand new podcast where he talks about his adventures with guests. The last bit of news is sad and makes us angry. The Belgian government is forcing Facebook to close Belgian ran cigar groups and Instagram accounts.

Ministry of Cigars - Barreda Cigars coming to Malaysia

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