April 2020

Weekly news week 14 2020. The week started with five reasons why the PCA should postpone the annual trade show. So far, PCA has not announced postponing or canceling the annual show which takes place in July. And Episode 10 of Soil to Soul was published on our front page.

Reviews and more

As usual, two reviews were published. Those were the Pachuche Liga Roja Robusto and the Black Label Trading Company Royalty Robusto. Both samples from the Intertabac trade show. And we published more about the upcoming Fuente & Meerapfel present the professor seminars. When you read this, you missed the episode with Daniel Marshall and the live raffle. Oliva Cigar Company found a unique twist to the v-herfs with e-tastings. Davidoff Distributors UK is also hosting a series of v-herfs with special guests.

Ministry of Cigars - Pachuche Liga Rojo Robusto

Joya de Nicaragua

For the 50th anniversary of Joya de Nicaragua, a beautiful book and a new line of amazing cigars were released. The cigars are for sale worldwide, yet the book is a little harder to find. To serve the Joya de Nicaragua fans who are in lockdown all over the world, the oldest Nicaraguan cigar manufacturer took a bold decision. For a limited time, the book is available online, for free. Last week Joya and a few other factories shut down because of the corona pandemic. This week a few more factories decided to shut down operations. On the bright side, we published a list of cigar manufacturers who celebrate their birthday in April

New cigars

There was a handwritten list circling on social media. A list with supposedly 25 upcoming regional editions from Habanos. This week, we had confirmation from several sources that the list is indeed genuine. So we published the names of the cigars that are in the Habanos Regional Edition Program for this year. The Netherlands is getting a new regional edition. But the Alec Bradley Shamrock is also coming to the lowlands, just as the Asylum Seven. Germany is getting a limited edition VegaFina Fortaleza 2 Andullo.

Ministry of Cigars - Alec Bradley Shamrocks for The Netherlands

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