Date: March 2020
Author: Inspector Z

Weekly news week 11 2020. We started the week with a list of 5 boutique brands that we think will stand the test of time. And we published episode seven of Soil to Soul. 

Reviews and Fuente

This week we reviewed two cigars, as usual. The first cigar we reviewed this week was a unique concept. A cigar by Muestra de Tabac. A big perfecto with two wrappers, but the unique thing is that you can smoke it from either side. The second cigar we reviewed was the Warped Eagles Descent Toro, a cigar available in Hawaii and Australia only. Plus we posted the first pictures of the soon to be opened exclusive Arturo Fuente shop in Amsterdam, the first exclusive Fuente store outside the USA.

Jas Sum Kral, Alec Bradley, and a Minibone

Alec Bradley hit our front page twice this week. Once with an exclusive cigar just for the United Kingdom. And not even for all retailers in the UK, but just for Cgars Ltd and Turmeaus Tobacconist. The Alec Bradley Orchant Seleccion returns with three new sizes. But there is more, Alec & Bradley will soon release a new cigar with a Japanese theme. And the Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli will see a limited edition in the unique Diamond Shape that Alec Bradley used for the Nica Puro Diamond Rough Cut limiteds. The German luxury design company Henk comes with a smaller version of the most innovative travel humidor in years, the cigar bone. The mini bone is a smaller version with space for 2 cigars plus accessories and credit cards. Jas Sum Kral is releasing the Goli Collection at the annual Ristefari event, and Malaysia will get the cigars too.

Steve Saka will add two sizes to his acclaimed Sombremesa Brûlée line. A regular production Double Corona and a limited edition called Blue. Davidoff showed off two new travel humidors that will be launched in a few weeks. The TFWA Trade Show in Singapore is canceled. This duty-free trade show always brings several cigar producers to the South East Asian city-state. And Fratello sees the release of the Clasico Piccolo and the Fratello Space Packs in Germany.

Ministry of Cigars - Alec Bradley Twisty
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