October 2020

Warped pipe tobacco is back. Last year Warped Cigars and Cornell & Diehl created pipe tobacco called The Haunting. The collaboration was very successful and the limited edition batch sold out in a heartbeat. And now The Haunting is back. Again with Kyle Gellis from Warped and Jeremy Reeves from Cornell & Diehl at the blending wheel. They join forces once again. 

The Haunting

The first release of The Haunting happened in October 2019. And now it’s back. The difference between most pipe tobacco blends and The Haunting is the use of cigar tobacco. There are other blends out that use cigar tobacco. Most of these are also using latakia tobacco. The Haunting doesn’t. The majority of the blend consists of Virginia tobaccos and Dominican Criollo. Warped uses Dominican Criollo in many of its cigars too.

According to Kyle Gellis, this blend bridges the gat between cigars and pipes. It should cater to both cigar smokers and pipe smokers alike. The blending is all according to the strict Warped standards for quality, nuances, and flavors.

Cigars and Pipes

Warped isn’t the only cigar company that’s venturing out into pipe tobacco. A few years ago, Drew Estate created a line of pipe tobaccos. In a collaboration with Tsuge, Drew Estate pipes were made. But both the pipes and the pipe tobacco are now relics of an unsuccessful venture. Ashton is successful with its pipe tobacco. As well as Davidoff. Both brands are available in many countries globally. The British brand Charatan is producing both cigars and pipe tobacco. And now the Warped pipe tobacco is back.

Ministry of Cigars - Warped pipe tobacco is back
the now illusive Drew Estate pipe tobacco

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