June 2020

Vote for Cigar Trophy. Each year, our friends of Cigar Journal are awarding cigar trophies to cigar manufacturers, cigar brands, lounges, and accessories. Usually during an event at the Intertabac trade show, but this year will be different. Intertabac is canceled, so most likely it will be an online award event. What hasn’t changed is the possibility for the readers of Cigar Journal to participate. Everyone can register on the Cigar Trophy website to nominate and vote.


Until June 14th, it is possible to nominate your favorite brand, your favorite blend, and more on the website. Pick your favorite brand and your favorite cigar for Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and ‘other countries’. Do the same for the value lines of those countries. Nominate your favorite cigar lounge and your favorite accessory. Once the nomination period is closed, the Cigar Journal team will publish a shortlist for each category. Then the voting starts. 

The categories you can nominate for are best brand, best cigar 2020, and best value Cuba. Best brand, best cigar 2020, and best value Dominican Republic. Best brand, best cigar 2020, and best value Honduras. Best brand, best cigar 2020, and best value Nicaragua. Best brand, best cigar 2020 Other Countries. And finally, you can nominate the best accessory and the best cigar lounge for 2020.

We already nominated brands and cigars that we like. But we are not revealing what we nominated. It’s time for you to nominate your favorite brands, your favorite cigars, accessory, and lounge as well. Do it before June 14 and see if your choice will make the shortlist. It is Saturday today, so use your extra time this weekend to nominate.

2 thoughts on “Vote for Cigar Trophy

  1. Hi
    We are cigar manufacturers and want to be nominated at cigar trophy.
    Pleas provide us how we can be for 2022.

    1. Have enough friends and fans enter your name when next year’s nominations open.

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