Date: December 2018
Author: Inspector Z

Two weeks ago we published an article about a stash of vintage Montesino cigars showing up in The Netherlands, but that wasn’t all. Now distributer Longfiller Company released the next batch of vintage cigars. Flor de Caribe from 1999.

We don’t know a lot about this brand. And googling didn’t help us much. All we know is that they are made in Honduras, back in 1999. And that the cigars have been stored at one of the warehouses of tobacco growers, dealers and international distributors Meerapfel up until recently.

There are three sizes available, corona suprema (€110 for a box of 25), robusto (€125 for a box of 25) or double toro (€160 for a box of 25). Once they are gone, they are gone.

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