January 2020

Ventura releasing new Archetypes. At the TPE Trade show, which starts today, Ventura Cigar Company is showcasing two new cigars in the Archetype series. The new cigars are called Archetype Master and Archetype Pupil.

Inspired by the studies of both Sigmund Freud and Karl Jung, who identified common threads and themes of storytelling that transcend both time and culture, Archetype cigars outline the familiar tale of a hero’s journey, with cigars punctuating each crucial stage. Master and Pupil incorporate the essence of Freud and Jung, teacher and student, and tensions uncovered with the reversal of roles and transition of student to teacher.

Joya de Nicaragua

For the creation of the Archetype Master and Archetype Pupil, Ventura went to Joya de Nicaragua. Joya de Nicaragua is the oldest cigar factory in Nicaragua. President Juan Martinez and his father Dr. Alejandro Cuenca Martinez created the blends

The pupil is mild and relaxed in nature and features an Ecuadoran Connecticut wrapper, Nicaraguan filler, and a Nicaraguan binder. It will be available as a 6 x 52 Toro. The Master is a bold, confident cigar that’s crafted with a Nicaraguan wrapper, filler, and binder. It will also be available as a 6 x 52 Toro.

Ministry of Cigars - Ventura releasing new Archetypes
Ministry of Cigars - Ventura releasing new Archetypes

“No matter where you are in life, you are a master or a pupil. And then, one day, you are both,” says Michael Giannini, General Manager of Ventura Cigar Company. “We are students first, learning from those who came before. And then we find ourselves as the teachers, imparting our knowledge on others just starting their quest. We are never fully done learning, either, so the roles of teacher and student are fluid, always changing. The Archetype Master and Pupil cigars explore these transitions and tensions through blends that offer strength and nuance throughout the smoke. We’ve worked on these for over a year with the masters at Joya de Nicaragua, of whom we are all students. These cigars are solid. If you’re coming to TPE 2020, come by the Ventura Cigar booth to say hi and check them out. And if you’re not at the show, well, keep an eye out.”


Ventura Cigars won’t be attending the PCA Trade show this year. With that, they join Drew Estate, Davidoff, General Cigars, and Altadis. Ventura Cigars is owned by Kretek International, the organizer of the TPE Trade show. The company has been an exhibitor at the PCA trade show for 50 years.

“We have always treated the PCA trade show as a smart launching pad for new releases and the best opportunity for retailers and suppliers to meet and build strong relationships,” says Sean Cassar, President of Kretek International, Inc. “We’ve enjoyed learning about industry trends while receiving some of the biggest orders of our year at the show. The decision to move away from PCA was not an easy one, but after reviewing the state of the industry and our business, we recognized that our goals are not aligned.” 

The press release further mentioned that Kretek believes that all cigar manufacturers and Importers should be working together. That they should be willing to openly discuss and manage efforts, as part of the PCA rebranding initiatives. This rebranding must direct the Premium Cigar legislative and regulatory endeavors to get the most benefit from the collective financial contributions made by the industry, and not to splinter the collective into separate entities. 

Kretek and Phillips & King is a family-owned company who has supported brick and mortar retailers in all fifty states for over 114 years. They have always felt the importance to support other family-owned businesses who have helped build the business, by coming together as a united force. Kretek does not believe the PCA is moving in this direction, but rather one that seems to sacrifice segments of the industry in hopes of saving others. 


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