Date: July 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Ventura releases cigars to honor industry legends. The company is not only venturing out internationally, with launches in Switzerland and the UK. The people behind the Ventura brand are also releasing new blends.

For the latest release, they teamed up with two industry legends. Cuban refugees that made a name in the cigar industry. And are considered amongst the most respected men in tobacco. Benji Menendez and Manolo Quesada.

Benji Menendez

Menendez was born in Cuba. His family owned and operated the H. Upmann factory. And that’s where the Montecristo brand was made. After the revolution, the Menendez family fled from Cuba. Menendez worked in tobacco on the Canary Islands, Brazil and then in the United States. He became famous for blending the non-Cuban Partagas. At the ripe age of 77, he retired as senior vice-president of premium cigars for General Cigars. Menendez even had a Partagas cigar named after him. Due to trademarks, that same cigar was sold as Macanudo in other parts of the world.

Now at age 84, Menendez returns with his partnership with Ventura. The Benji Menendez for Cuban Cigar Factory is blended with Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers. The binder is from the Dominican Republic. The wrapper is an Ecuadorian Connecticut type.

Manolo Quesada

Manuel ‘Manolo’ Quesada shares his background with Menendez. He’s also born in Cuba. And his family was also a tobacco family. After the revolution, the Quesada family fled for the cruelties of the Casto regime as well. They landed in the Dominican Republic. 14 years after their escape to freedom, they opened the Matasa factory. And since that day in 1974, the company has been growing slowly. The factory was renamed to Quesada as well, and younger generations entered the family-owned business.

Quesada has been recognized as an industry leader. Cigar Journal awarded him with a lifetime achievement award in 2016. His blend for Ventura consists of Dominican fillers. The binder and wrapper are from Ecuador. The wrapper is Habano.

Ministry of Cigars Ventura releases cigars to honor industry legends

Cuban Cigar Factory

Both the blends will be sold under the Cuban Cigar Factory brand, which is owned by Ventura. And three sizes will be available for both blends. Those are a 5×50 Robusto, a 6×50 Toro, and a 6 1/2 x52 Torpedo. Manufacturing is one at the Quesada factory in the Dominican Republic. The cigars are packed in boxes of 20. Both blends are available for the international distributors of Ventura.

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