October 2019

Ventura is launching PSyKo Seven in Europe with Davidoff. The brand’s international markets manager, Rick Charles, mentioned launching the brand in several European markets in the months to come. And the brand might move towards a select number of Asian markets as well. But that is not certain just yet. Davidoff is the distribution partner for Ventura. And they have a strong presence in the Asian markets.

Austria and Germany

The first step on the European market for Ventura was the release of the PSyKo Seven in Switzerland. And between now and January, the cigars will be introduced to the Austrian and German cigar aficionados as well. Just like in Switzerland, Davidoff will be the distribution partner for Ventura. Ventura is the premium cigar division of Kretek International. 

After Austria and Germany, Davidoff will launch the PSyKo Seven lines in France and the United Kingdom. Our sources within Davidoff Distributors revealed that information in July, yet with an unknown launch date. The timing of the release is now set for the first quarter of 2020. Back in July, the PSyKo Seven Nicaragua was not considered for the market in the United Kingdom. But that might change between now and the official launch.

Ministry of Cigars Ventura is launching PSyKo Seven in Europe

As for the Asian markets, nothing has been set in stone. But both Davidoff Distributors and Ventura Cigars are eager to expand the distribution towards Asia. Since Ventura is owned by Kretek International, there is a strong connection with Asia. Kretek cigarettes originated in the South East Asian country of Indonesia. The Indonesian kretek cigarette producer Djarum is the largest producer of clove cigarettes in the world. Kretek International is the official importer and distributor for these cigarettes in the United States. As soon as there is more information about the international expansion of the Ventura distribution, you will read it first on here.

Events in Switzerland

Michael Giannini, General Manager and Rick Charles, International Markets Manager will be in Switzerland this week. This weekend, they will be at the Oettinger Davidoff AG Expo in Luzern. The expo takes place on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. After that, the duo will host some events with Michel Bambula from Oettinger Davidoff AG. Event attendees will be treated to PSyKo Seven cigars and swag while smoking and chatting with these premium cigar industry players

The events don’t require tickets nor reservations. The events will take place at the Don Alejandro Cigar Lounge in Dietlikon on the 22nd of October. On Wednesday the 23rd, PSyKo will be at Club La Bodega in Sierre. A day later, 1920 Cigar Lounge in Martigny is the place to be. The final event is on Friday the 25th at Tabashop Monbaron in Montreux.

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