Date: April 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Vegueros Centrofinos lands in Switzerland today. In 2013 Habanos introduced three new Vegueros sizes, after discontinuing the brand in the years before. The new line, packed in tins of 16 cigars, became an instant success. The Vegueros Centrofinos was announced by Habanos last year.

Last year, Habanos S.A. announced a new new release, a line extension. That extension is known as the Vegueros Centrofinos. It’s a robusto, 5.1×50 in size. Just like the other Vegueros, the cigars come in tins of 16.

Ministry of Cigars Vegueros Centrofinos lands in Switzerland
Vegueros Mañanitas


The cigars are being released in Switzerland today, April 12. The price is set at 9,50 CHF. That equals to € 8,40. The other vitolas in the Vegueros line are the Entretiempos, Mañanitas, and the Tapados.

The Entretiempos is a Petit Edmundo and measures 4.3×52. The Mañanitas is a Petit Pyramid, with a length of 3.9 inch and a ring of 46. The Tapados is a Mareva Gruesa also known as Corona Extra. The size is 4.7×46

The brand was only established in 1997, before being discontinued in 2012. And then rebranded, reblended, and relaunched a year later. The brand was created to pay homage to the farmers, who work hard year in year out to grow tobacco. Often generation after generation.

It is unclear when other the cigars are released on other international markets. Vegueros falls in the ‘local current brand’ category for Habanos, which means it’s not globally available.

Recently we wrote about the current state of Cuban cigars. That article got a lot of attention.

The four Vegueros tins

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