Date: April 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Vegas de Santiago changes distributor in Switzerland. For the last eight years, Royal Cigar Company has been distributing the Costa Rican cigar brand. But that has changed. Horacio Distribution SA is the new distributor of Vegas de Santiago. This news was confirmed by Vegas de Santiago owner Marc Niehaus.

Currently, the assortment carried by Horacio Distribution SA isn’t as wide as the assortment that Royal Cigar Company carried. Horacio Distribution SA decided to start with five vitolas from the Vegas de Santiago D8 line. Those vitolas are the Robusto, the Wide Churchill, the Corto, the Emperador, and the El Gordo. If there is demand for the D8 Barberpole and the Chaman series Horacio Distribution SA will add those to their offerings. Royal Cigar Company carried those lines before.

The Vegas de Santiago D8 series is made binder and wrapper from Ecuador. The filler is a mixture of several Caribbean countries including Costa Rica, Peru and the Dominican Republic, but that’s all that’s disclosed on the company’s website.

The sizes of the cigars are 5×50 for the Robusto. The Wide Churchill measures 5½x56. The Corto is a 4×60 Nub. The Enoerador is a 6×60 Gordo and the El Gordo measures 5×66.

Ministry of Cigars - Vegas de Santiago changes distributor in Switzerland

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