August 2020

VegaFina releases a new limited edition. Tabacalera, the company behind VegaFina, released several limited editions this year. The VegaFina Fortaleza 2 Andullo, which we reviewed. The annual cigar for the Chinese New Year, Year of the Rat. The Gran Reserva 2020. But there is another new limited edition on its way. It’s already released in Germany. The VegaFina Nicaragua Puro Origen.

As the name suggests, the new limited edition is made out of Nicaraguan tobaccos. The tobacco comes from the three most important tobacco-growing regions of the country. Those are Jalapa, near the Honduran border, Esteli where most of the factories are. And in between, there’s a place called Condega, where a lot of great tobacco is cultivated. 

Shape and packaging

The cigar is available in one size only. It’s a 6×54 Figurado. It comes in high-quality wooden boxes of ten cigars. The master blenders from the Group de Maestros of Tabacalera de Garcia created this blend. Tabacalera de Garcia is the Dominican factory that belongs to the Altadis group. Tabacalera is the owner of VegaFina and part of the Altadis family.

The blenders tried to create a blend with characteristics of sweetness and roasted tones. For that, they picked tobaccos from high altitude harvests. According to the taste notes, the cigar has notes of almonds, coffee, and molasses. Only 580 boxes of 10 cigars are available for the German market.

When the cigars are released in the rest of Europe and Asia is yet to be announced. VegaFina has always focussed on the international markets. But other VegaFina lines have recently been introduced in the United States. Altadis changed hands earlier this year, and the new owners might bring more VegaFina into the USA. America is the largest cigar market, by far.

Ministry of Cigars - VegaFina releases a new limited edition

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