Date: February 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Van Dalen Dordrecht update. A few days ago, in a move that nobody saw coming, Van Dalen Cigars bought the renowned Ted Bogers in Dordrecht. When the news broke, we reached out to Van Dalen owner Sasja van Horssen to hear about his plans for the shop and the future.

Well, we have good news for the fans of Ted. Ted won’t retire but will remain shop manager and working the retail floor a few days a week. He will also continue with the ‘roken met Ted’ (smoking with Ted) events every Saturday. Ted always picks a cigar that everyone will smoke on Saturday afternoon. Nothing will change there.

What will change is both the interior and the assortment of the shop. For years the shop doubled as a post office, tobacco shop, and magazine shop, next to selling staatsloterij tickets, the government monthly lottery. Van Horssen already canceled the contracts with the lottery and Early this summer, the shop will close for two to three week. In those weeks, the whole interior will be renewed and the smoke lounge, which is now located on the second floor, will be moved to the ground floor.


After the reopening, the shop will be renamed to Van Dalen Dordrecht and will only sell tobacco and tobacco accessories. The last few years Bogers had a dream of changing his shop into a tobacco only shop but was reluctant to make the investment considering the incredibly tough legislation and his age. By joining the Van Dalen family he fulfilled that dream while being able to spend more time with his family and his hobbies.

A rudimentary sketch of the new layout of the shop, provided by Sasja van Horssen.
photoshop of the new store front
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