Date: February 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Van Dalen Cigars buys Ted Bogers. Ted Bogers, a renowned tobacco shop is in the city of Dordrecht, about 25 kilometers southeast of Rotterdam. And the shop has been sold to Sasja van Horssen. Van Horssen is the owner of Van Dalen Rotterdam, Van Dalen Den Bosch and Cigaragua in Amsterdam. He also owns distributing business Longfiller Company and his family business Van Horssen Tobacco.

Van Horssen Tobacco has been in business since 1942. Sasja is the third generation. Van Horssen Tobacco focusses on dry-cured shortfiller cigars and roll your own tobacco. Longfiller Company is the distributor for brands as Oliva, My Father, Tatuaje, Padron, Fuente, Kristoff, PDR, A.J. Fernandez, Joya de Nicaragua, Fratello, Alec Bradley, Ashton, DH Boutique Cigars, Cornelius & Anthony, Perdomo and a few more.

About 15 years ago, Van Horssen opened his first retail shop in Den Bosch under the name Non Plus Ultra, which later got renamed to Oliva Cigar Lounge, Studio Tobac Cigar Lounge and is now known as Van Dalen Cigars Den Bosch. A few years later, he bought the famous Van Dalen shop in Rotterdam, which in 1982 was the first Dutch shop with a walk-in humidor. The owners, brothers Ed & Tom, who ran the shop for decades, wanted to retire. And now Van Horssen bought Ted Bogers in Dordrecht.

The news is brand new, no details have been announced. We reached out to Van Horssen and will update with new information once we have it.

Ministry of Cigars - Van Dalen Cigars buys Ted Bogers
Ted Bogers & Sasja Van Horssen celebrating the deal with a cigar
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