Date: May 2019
Author: Inspector Z

Update Cubacigar versus Dutch Government. Last Monday, May 27th, Cubacigar Benelux and the Dutch government met in court. Cubacigar Benelux sued the Dutch Government over announced legislation.

Cubacigar Benelux is the sole distributor of Cuban cigars in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. In an interview with Tony Hoevenaars, he explained why Cubacigar had to resort to that step. The Dutch Government is planning to implement fierce legislation on the packaging. That legislation will hurt the cigar industry hard and unfair. With other European countries expempting cigars in the EU legislation, the Dutch retailers and distributors will face unfair competition.

Today we reached out to Hoevenaars about the case for an update. Hoevenaars was pleased with the open minds of the judges and that they were very well prepared. Cubacigar Benelux and their lawyer Kenneth Defares feel that they created sympathy for their case. Right now, judges are matching the legislation and the objections to international law and treaties. It’s a complicated issue and right now the judges are looking if the proposed legislation is justified for public health.

According to Hoevenaars, Cubacigar is confident in a positive outcome of the verdict. The verdict is expected to be delivered in 8 weeks. If there is any more news on Cubacigar versus Dutch Government, we will add a new update.

Ministry of Cigars Cubacigar Benelux versus Dutch

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