Date: June 2021
Author: Inspector Z

Upcoming Dunbarton releases for 2021. In a long post on Facebook, Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust founder and owner Steve Saka revealed what he has in store for 2021. Most of the news is already out, but this is a nice list of new things to look forward to if you are a fan of the blends of Steve Saka.

New releases

Just last week, Saka made an announcement about a new Mi Querida Triqui Traca. Many cigar enthusiasts and Dunbarton Tobacco fans were requesting a Short Robusto in this blend. The first time that Saka made the blend it was in a 3½x50 firecracker format, exclusively for 2 Guys Smoke Shop. Those releases are always limited. To supply the demand, Dunbarton will be releasing a 4×48 version later this year.

For the annual Muestra de Saka release, Dunbarton goes for a 7×50 Parejo names Krakatoa. While the blend is a secret, the name of the cigar might be a hint to where some of the tobacco comes from. Krakatoa is an Indonesian volcano, and Indonesia produces a lot of tobacco. The cigars will come in individual coffins, seven of those in a box. 

Dunbarton Sin Compromise line gets a new vitola. A 7×52 Prensado. According to Saka, it is stronger than other Sin Compromisos but still smooth. The presentation won’t be exactly the same as the rest of the Sin Compromiso series to denote the difference.

There is a brand new core line coming, the Stillwell Star. Four different blends, all in a 6×52 Toro size. Saka promises to release details at the PCA trade show and says that the Stillwell Star is going to cause a lot of talks.


Next to the new regular production lines, and the annual Muestra de Saka Edicion Limitada, Saka is also working on a few store exclusive cigars. The Secreto Cigar Bar will get more Dondurma. Smoke Inn gets more Red Meat Lovers. There is a Robusto for Famous Smoke Shop in Saka’s Famous 80th blend. The Frog Juice returns for Riverside Cigars in Indiana. Rocky’s Cigars in New York gets another shipment of the U-Boats.

Dunbarton is also making new exclusive cigars for JR Cigars’ 50th birthday and the 75th birthday of the Owl Shop of Worcester. The JR Cigars exclusive are only 500 boxes. Small Batch Cigars is getting a cigar that has no name yet. Plus Saka is creating a new event-only cigar. The Chochada is a Nicaraguan puro, only available at Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust events.

Earlier this year, Saka wrote he is working on a Dunbarton Bento Box, yet that name isn’t on the list for the 2021 releases. Unless that is the cigar coming to Small Batch Cigars.


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