February 2024

Habanos S.A. has unveiled the seven distinguished humidors set to grace the stage at the upcoming Festival del Habano XXIV in Havana, Cuba. Each humidor is a tribute to a different brand under the company’s umbrella, with an additional masterpiece crafted to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Trinidad brand.

The Lots

H. Upmann Humidor by DeART: Crafted from European maple, brown eucalyptus, and orange wood, this humidor integrates cutting-edge technology with its electronic lifting system and hidden pistons. Standing at 178cm tall, 192cm wide, and 74.6cm deep, it houses an impressive collection of 350 H. Upmann cigars.

Hoyo de Monterrey Humidor by Group Union Humidores: Inspired by a double-blade cigar cutter, this humidor, made with cedar, mahogany, Okuma, and titanium, features a unique design with two cigar cutters guarding the body. Inside, discover 350 Hoyo de Monterrey cigars, each a testament to the brand’s excellence.

Romeo y Julieta Humidor by Nous Group: This metal and wood masterpiece, measuring 190cm tall, 90cm wide, and 55cm deep, features six drawers and Adorini electronic humidifiers. It holds a grand collection of 400 Romeo y Julieta cigars, embodying the brand’s rich heritage.

Partagás Humidor by Union Humidores: Crafted with fluted glass, metal, and mahogany veneers, this humidor boasts adjustable shelves and automatic LED lighting. Standing at 216.5cm tall, 161.6cm wide, and 65.6cm deep, it is filled with an impressive assortment of 425 Partagás cigars.

Montecristo Humidor by DeART: Celebrating the iconic Montecristo brand, this two-piece vertical humidor, adorned with 24-karat gold, features 12 drawers and holds 450 cigars, showcasing the brand’s diverse portfolio.

Trinidad 55 Aniversario Humidor by DeART: Created in ebony and Spanish cedar wood, this humidor commemorates the 55th anniversary of the Trinidad brand. With brass elements and adjustable shelves, it holds a grand collection of 450 Trinidad cigars.

Cohiba Humidor by Nous Group: Incorporating cedar, Okuma wood, and steel, this humidor features eight drawers and a cylindrical base for 360-degree rotation. It houses an impressive array of 500 Cohiba cigars, symbolizing the brand’s continuous growth and innovation.

The Festival del Habano XXIV takes place from February 26th to March 1st, 2024.

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